Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today is Report Card Day

You know that feeling when you know your report card is coming from school and you fantasized that you were going to get all A's? Well this is one of those times as we wait for the grading of our embryos, which should come in today.

The latest update from the embryologist was yesterday, that out of 27 mature eggs that were injected with sperm, 15 of them fertilized. I know we had a huge number of eggs retrieved from Kelsey so even 15 fertilized eggs is very good. If half of them are graded A then we are in excellent shape for multiple attempts if we don't get pregnant the first time (but we WILL, darnit!). As we are contemplating all of this I go in to research mode and look at everyone's blogs who has come to India, how many embryos they ended up with, how they were graded, and how many were transfered. I know tomorrow morning we are going to have to make the blindest decision of our lives -- how many to transfer in to our surrogate. So I wanted to be armed with as much info as I can get.

As I've said before, nothing is certain. We are hugely optimistic and have heard from so many of you who have said we are blessed to be in this situation. But we know it's a crap shoot, with great odds, I might add! So...hope for the best and I'll post the report card once it's in. I am hoping we get a first glimpse at what these little guys look like, too. So I'll post that if we get it.

In the meantime, more photos from our sightseeing yesterday.

Kelsey shopping in South Mumbai

At the Gate of India

The Taj Hotel Palace and Towers, site of the terrorist bombings last November (that's Parashar from Your Man In India -- he IS THE MAN!)

At the Gate of India

Finally, I had to post a photo of Kelsey after the procedure. She's glowing! Such the ROCKSTAR!!!!!


  1. Those are wonderful results so far and you are going to have lots of options whatever you choose for the number to transfer for your first cycle! Great as well that your terrific K is doing well post-transfer!

    For comparison, from our 20, we had 9 from each of us that fertilized (18 total), 3 transferred to each of our SMs and 5 left over from each of us for freezing. Nearly all our embryos that made it to either transfer or freezing stages were grade A (14 out of 16 I think).

    Best wishes for great grades today and for your transfer and freezing days!

  2. Great news. You are all amazing. Kelsey, call me later. I want to check on your flight back to U.S.