Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cristina Lei's Baptism

Cristina had a beautiful baptism this past Sunday, November 18th, her 6-month birthday.

Her godparents were a mix of Buddhist and Catholic...and her parents were a mix of Catholic and Mormon (I was baptized Mormon but no longer practice), but we all gathered on a partly cloudy day at St. Clement's, an Episcopal church just down the road from our home, and we all promised to God that we would take care of this amazing little girl that has blessed our lives. I started this blog three years ago saying that  family comes from everywhere...and it's true. The evolution of all our lives, as parents, godparents, surrogates, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, cousins, grandparents and close friends, crystalized on this special day to celebrate Cristina Lei.  About 30 of our family and friends witnessed the baptism and we couldn't have been happier. 

As our surrogate said, the family and community part of coming to church is one of the best parts...and I agree.  Here are some photos to capture the day.

Godparents Todd and Kay, Me and a sleepy Cristina, Reverand Liz and Bill

My cousin's husband, Mal, and my older brother, Matt

Nephews Balen and Aidan, and Niece Mariah 
(they all were very good throughout the service, especially B&A)

My older brother, Scott, giving Cristina some love.

A little blessing...

She's still trying to make sense of it :-)

Mal, Tressa, Nohea, Kaula and her BF, and my cousin Linda

My oldest brother, Mark, gave me our grandfather's bible, which was handed down to our mother, and then to our family. Very special gift!

Super close friend and God father Todd

A little party after the baptism...lots of smiles

Incredibly grateful, especially at this time during Thanksgiving, for our awesome blessings.

Much love,

Monday, November 12, 2012

Google is a strange place...

Well I Googled "Daddy + Daddy = Me" because I saw Mike and Colin's blog, who are about to have a baby via surrogacy in India (congrats boys!)...and they posted a photo of this great onesie that I thought I should buy for Bill and me. But when I found out it was an Australian company, I thought for sure I could search a company in the U.S. that made something similar and could maybe ship it cheaper. So off I went, thinking it was an innocent search for a cute onesie for our daughter.  

Well, here are the very different images that came up in my search:

Dude, I have this covered. I'm old too.

No words, just laughter.

Cute, very cute.

This makes me feel ancient. Because I know Cristina will not be using an iPod, but something equal to what the iPod represented to me when I was a kid (albeit a 35 year old kid).

This was my favorite search result because this is what we LOVE to do with our newest baby members of the family.  And I can kind of relate to the mother's and kid's perspective. In fact, check out this video I took with Cristina just a couple weeks ago:

Maybe I just added another kooky search result to the World Wide Web with this video...but needless to say, I was very entertained this evening.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Post Election Day

Cristina experienced her first election day and from what we can tell, she had a great time...lots of smiles :-)

And the right candidate won for president!

(big grin)