Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kelsey's Bombay Bon Voyage!

Well Kelsey leaves tonight and she is nearly all packed and ready to go. I know she is super excited to hop on that plane and be in the comforts of home. To be honest, I'm a little jealous. LOL. We are so proud of her, and are so thankful that she worked so hard to produce so many eggs and embryos. The past few days she's been feeling a lot better, and we had a great pasta dinner last night at La Cucina in Bandra, with some wine and a tuk tuk ride to top it off. It was Kelsey's first ride in an electric rikshaw after almost being hit by one in Juhu...we all smashed in and laughed in the back seat!

Today was spent hanging by the pool and just relaxing. After two days in South Mumbai at some antique shops and cruising around Chorr's Bazaar, Bill and I were ready to chill...tomorrow we have a long journey to the Taj Mahal. I'll post photos when I return to the States because Kelsey is taking the camera cord to transfer pictures.

I forgot to mention that our pregnancy test is on October 5th - Kelsey's Birthday! Here's to hoping it's a nice present for all she's done.

Here are some photos from the past few days...

Chorr's Bazaar...

The mobile barber...

Hundreds of people washing clothes (I forget what this place is called...)

Kelsey relaxing in the pool...


  1. Have fun visitng the Taj - you will be gald you are goign. How can you go all that way and not see it? So is Bill sweating up a storm like I would be? That pool looks amazing. have fun and take loads of pics of the Taj - could be your christmas card! oxox Cara

  2. She's a great girl - what an amazing gift. Did you have a street shave? Bob did, it was terrifying - that cut throat razor - scary stuff, but a perfect job. The laundry is called Dhobi Ghat.

  3. Go guys! We are rooting for you! Todd and Matt.