Saturday, June 30, 2012

Someone Is 6 Weeks Old

Someone is 6 weeks old today.

Someone who is the light of our life.
Today...and every day...

There still may be sleepless nights (well not for her, anyway).

 But we are having so much fun hanging out with Cristina Lei...
In the back yard...

Holding her while she sleeps (and we don't)...

...watching her while she's awake and full of wonder...

...or when she's taking naps (and we aren't)...

...or when she's exploring new worlds...

...or being awoken by the ringing bells at church...

There is truly no time we don't cherish our little girl 
(even if it's trying to coax a burp out of her at the mall)

Because holding her hand for the past 6 weeks has been one of the best gifts ever.

Happy 6 Week Birthday Cristina Lei!

Papa and Daddy

Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We had a nice day today. Fresh blueberry organic pancakes made from scratch by our super awesome friend who lives right next door. She even held Cristina while we gobbled down all the goodness. Cristina's gift to her Daddy and Papa was to sleep until 8 am (THANK YOU Cristina!)

Coaxing Cristina to Look at the Camera

That didn't work

Mission Accomplished!

Thanks Natalie for making breakfast and freeing up our hands to actually enjoy it. You rock!

We then went to church for the first time as a family and Cristina was soooo good. Lots of congratulations from our friends. They even brought me communion because I was too anxious about going all the way up to the altar with a newborn.

And then Bill and I took turns pampering ourselves (insert here: a visit to the gym).  We swapped taking care of Cristina while the other worked out and it was actually such fun being one-on-one with my little girl. Since Bill stays home with her this doesn't happened too much just she and I. We walked around Waikiki and window shopped, bumped in to friends, had a poopy diaper, a coffee and then home for a casual dinner with our neighbor friends.

As Bill says, "Welcome to Living the Dream!" I couldn't agree more. We are so lucky.

Happy four week birthday to Cristina!!!

And Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Lotsa Love...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Update and Photo Dump @ 3 Weeks Old

Time seems to be passing quicker and quicker these days.  This Sunday we'll have been home two weeks...but TODAY Cristina is a big 'ole THREE WEEKS OLD!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cristina Lei. We love you more than anything!

Feedings are going really well, she takes both formula and breast milk interchangeably, approximately 3-4 ounces per feeding.  We have been feeding her only when she's hungry or cries and that is usually every 2-1/2 to 3 hours during the day (breast milk) and sometimes up to 4+ hours at night (formula). We are still not getting enough sleep but it's kind of encouraging that she is possibly moving towards sleeping longer at night. I, personally, cannot wait until this stage!  :-)

Bill has been an absolutely awesome stay-at-home-dad. He is a natural and takes her on errands to Whole Foods, Home Depot and Costco, and even takes the basinett to the back yard with Chloe and does some yard work and gardening.  I'm so lucky to have him in my life...and to take care of our daughter.  Such an incredible blessing!

She takes a binky very, very easily...I wasn't aware that some kids don't take pacifiers very well for we consider ourselves lucky that she takes one quickly and it calms her down when she's fussy. She's even found her fingers for self-soothing.  Next she'll be juggling and doing aerials and hopefully making dinner. If only!

This Week in Photos (and a few really cute ones I forgot to add from the previous week):

Baby Burrito. 
Obviously Papa Doug swaddled her because she got her arm out...which has been happening a lot lately. Time to stop swaddling?? I hope not because it sure calms her down and she's easy to carry when she doesn't have arms and legs and a bobbly head swinging around.

In her boppy pillow sleeping.  Last night I fed and burped her and then while watching her sleep in the pillow I myself fell asleep in the rocking chair for two hours.  I woke up at 12:45 am wondering where the heck I was and who this child in my lap was. I think we are just a little tired around here.

Waiting to see her pediatrician in Hawaii for the first time.

Everything checked out great and she gained 9 ounces!

Chloe is showing Cristina the neighborhood.  Yes, I took her outside in only a diaper because 1. It was hot,  and 2. it was a feat just to get out of the house with a dog, a stroller, a baby and a cup of coffee!

"Wave your hands in the air!!"
Laying on the very cute blanket that was (surprisingly) color-coordinated with the nursery. The blanket was hand-knitted by Uncle Scott's mother in Arizona. It's perfect!

Someone's neck is getting more bobble-head soon!

"tits up" in the basinett

Aunty Malia gave her a very "proud" two-piece bathing suit.
The gay pride-themed suit part was by accident, but we all got a very good laugh out of it.

Baby Burrito 2!

I thought I would add a photo that Uncle David in DC sent, of the collage on his refrigerator.  
I think he misses us! We'll be back!

I'm finding that the Bob Marley Pandora station is the best to soothe and rock Cristina to sleep. It's on CONSTANTLY.

Aunty Sharon, who has been soooo supportive throughout our baby-making process.

"Chicks Rock" onesie, from Aunty Shannon. 
She wears it well.

Ok...another Chloe/Cristina favorite. Actually, Bill left the room to get some coffee and Chloe relocated from the other side of the bed, to get some good snuggle time with Cristina. 
Amazingly adorable.

"It's 6 am -- please don't wake me"

Little piggie toes in the air while eating lunch!

Silly faces....

and very, very serious faces.

Finally, a video of Cristina sleeping. If you can hold out the minute and twenty seconds there's a few smiles, some rolling of her eyes...and I think possibly a little gagging?
I'm you go:

That's it for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Big smiles,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Steps

Second day of the first week back at work and all I can say is "ouch...I'm tired!"...

No, I didn't expect to NOT be tired...but when I looked at the clock at work this morning I almost fell off my chair when it read 9:30.  Last night was a rough one as Cristina didn't really go down until 2 am when she normally hits the hay at midnight. And then Bill takes the next shift (thanks honey!)

But all I wanted to say when my alarm went off at 5:45 was "OUCH!"

"Baby steps", I said to myself..."just make it to 11 and you can go home for a visit and snuggle with Cristina at lunch."

And guess what??? worked.  
And what a happy Papa I was when she was up and alert and I got to feed her...
...only for her to go back to sleep on my shoulder (after some good gas -- wonder who she takes after?)
Evidence of my sleep deprivation (my eyes look cock-eyed!)

SO..."BABY STEPS" is the theme for getting back to work this week...and the theme just may carry over in to next week, and the next, and so on. That is, if this week is any indication of how it will be in the future. But if the trade-off is I get to hang out with my little girl (and hunky hubby -- who loves ya, baby?) I guess I can survive on minimal sleep for the time being.

In the meantime, congratulations to Jason and Adrian on their successful Delhi arrival and the discharge of Olivia and Clara!  And a HUGE, I MEAN HUGE!!! congratulations to Kevin and Jeff on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Baxter.  Cristina has lots of good birth year company out there.  Next step is to coordinate a visit.

Let's all meet in Hawaii in 2013!

Big Aloha,

OH and P.S.  Did anyone watch the Oprah interview on OWN with Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka? I loved the part where Oprah revealed her "A-ha! moment" about gays having kids, and how much it takes (emotionally, financially, etc) to have them...which really shows how much we really do WANT children.  Not saying anyone who isn't gay doesn't want their kids...but it really expressed the way I have been feeling over the past several years, big time.  Bill and I wouldn't have worked so hard to be parents if we didn't really, truly, want to have a child. We could have given up easily, but we didn't...and so, so glad we followed through.  Ok...this is a really long postscript...signing off now.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Did someone say TWO WEEKS OLD?

As "M" says...we are now counting in a totally different way. Not how many weeks pregnant, but how many weeks old baby Cristina is. Happy Two Week Birthday, Cristina Lei!!!

Vogueing on the Diaper Dance Floor for her Two-Week Birthday

"These signs are getting ridiculous, people!"

This past week has brought more joy than the first, if that was even possible.  We are finally back home in Hawaii...and literally every second is something new...and we just can't get enough of our beautiful daughter. 

Here are some photos and captions over the past week or so...

This was just one of those "I can't help it" moments...

Finally in her nursery, peaceful as ever. Love this photo!

Daddy Bill and Cristina doing some bonding

A favorite. Just pure sweetness.

Oh, another favorite (did I already say that???)...but how can you resist THAT?


Multi-Tasking Stay-At-Home-Daddy! 
I think he's got it down.

That's Bill, navigating me and Cristina through Costco...
...or he's running away?!


Cristina Meets Chloe

Oh gosh, ANOTHER favorite..."Sisters"

Had to take the "I'm all stretched out" shot!

Lots of visitors - my brother Scott holding his niece

 Our good friend, Sara

Getting a little dressed up by daddies but no where to go.

Our friend Paige and her mother paid a visit. Paige is due next week with her second girl!

Our neighbors' kids are chomping at the bit to babysit. Hopefully we can afford them.

My brother Matt and his family

 Maureen loves babies...she gave Cristina the thumbs up...a baby jade bracelet, and an antique silver spoon with her initials engraved on it. Thanks Aunty Maureen!

Our good friend, Shannon, and her daughter Maia

My boss and friend Kathy misses her first granddaughter who recently went back to South she needed a baby holding fix.

Our friends James and Terrance (who hosted our fabulous Hollywood Baby Shower) sent Cristina a Tiffany piggy bank for all her adult expenses (does that include college???)

Self-portrait with my sleepy girl

My cousin Linda is a baby whisperer

Some of the very cool hand-me-down dresses that our friends James and Terrance sent us. The box was LOADED with the coolest clothes for Cristina. We cannot wait to get her in some of these outfits and dresses.  So frickin' cute.

That's it for now. We are still adjusting to being home, the six-hour time difference, and caring for a newborn.  Cristina sleeps pretty well for being two weeks old. We are supplementing formula with breast milk and she has about 2-1/2 to 4 ounces per feeding.  She gained like 9 ounces since her birth weight.

I go back to work on Monday. I guess I'm ready but the jury is still out. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just spend some more time at home?  The time off has been amazing, and I am so thankful for being able to take it and spend this time taking care of our daughter with Bill.

I am still putting together our birth story and that will hopefully be the next post.

Hope you enjoyed the photos of baby Cristina...

Thinking good thoughts for everyone out there. 

Take care.