Monday, September 21, 2009

A Big Day!

Yesterday went amazingly well. We retrieved 35 eggs of which 27 were mature and the embryologist could use to perform ICSI on, where they inject Bill's sperm in to each egg, one at a time. So today we find out how many actually fertilized. And then tomorrow we get the grading of our embryos, which will determine how many we actually transfer. After the procedure, which was performed by the clinic's founder, Dr. Allahbadia (wonderful man!), I went in to see Kelsey. I've mentioned before she was scared and nervous beforehand, so I was so anxious for this part to be over for her. I sat next to her bed in the recovery room and she opened her eyes. The first thing she said was "did you get everything you needed? I want to make sure you and Bill have everything you need..." How selfless that she was thinking of us before herself! We both cried and I hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. She was super groggy and I could tell she was uncomfortable, but she still managed to worry about us. When she heard she had 35 eggs in there her eyes got really big and said something I can't type here..."no wonder I was so bloated and full all the time"'s understandable since she was carrying almost three dozen eggs!!!

Well our little egg-producing Olympian was done with her job, putting us in very good shape for freezing embryos if the first attempt didn't work this Thursday. Things are happening so's exciting!


  1. I cannot believe how well K did. This is wonderful news. It is also unusual for so many eggs to be retrieved. But who cares! It happened for you. You have such an excellent chance of this happening fo ryou first go.

    All the best

    I love your updates.

    Send kisses from Australia to K.


  2. That is an amazing number of eggs!!! I hope your wonderful ED is recuperating fine, I am sure they are on the look-out for possible hyperstimulation post-transfer (our ED had some of that with 20 mature eggs, but our doctor' quick intervention turned it around before it got serious). Best wishes for your fertilization and incubation results!

  3. Thanks Amani and Todd...Kelsey was a rockstar! She even took a trip down to South Mumbai today and visited some sights...she's feeling much better and is happy the whole thing is over. It's been an adventure for her. She has some meds to combat the over stimulation, so that's good. We'll see how things go over the next couple days. Fingers crossed.

  4. Doug
    You guys are blessed to have such a good niece in your lives. It's very touching to read about her good attitude and sincerest desire to make your dream come true, if that's not what defines true "family" I'm not sure what is. Good for all of you!

  5. Aloha K+B+D,

    Kelsey - way to go! Hope you are felling comfortable. Looks like things are going well. I am printing out the blog for our friend in Florida so he can be in the loop. Safe travels!

  6. This is such great stuff. Doug, would you know what time Kelsey is arriving in SF?