Monday, September 14, 2009

I Found Billy Looking at Strollers in Target

I had to snap this shot the other day at Target.  We were running around picking things up for the upcoming India trip and I couldn't seemed to find Bill...turned the corner and there he was hanging with the strollers...  :-)


  1. Tomorrow is Wednesday - Are you leaving? If so, Bon Voyage! (Bring a neck pillow!)

    Beatrix (and Ava and Ellen)

  2. Sent you an email that was far too rambly to post here ;-)
    Go boys go! And Kelsey too!!! Oh how I remember those shots like it was yesterday! Sara was giving me one in my very sore left bun when Edgar Martinez hit a grand slam.... oh my! Talk about the epitome of the "agony and ecstasy". ;-) Keep us posted! Tons of love, Gail, Sara, Kate and Laney

  3. We leave tonight! We are very optimistic but I think most of my anxiety comes from just wanting to get there. We've got 35+ hours of travel time ahead of us...yes a neck pillow, and a lot of other things to keep us occupied. Thanks for the well wishes, Bea and Gail. Oh, and Gail, your email wasn't rambly at all. You KNEW it would make me cry...Bill had to come over and give me a hug as I was reading it to him. THANK YOU, (everyone) for being so supportive. I'm so happy I have such great people to lean on. Think good thoughts and I'll blog on the trip to keep you updated. xo D and B