Friday, August 10, 2012

85 days, 3 months, 47 years

Today is the 85th day Cristina has been with us. She's technically 3 months old. She's an infant, not our newborn girl anymore, and the changes are happening so fast it's a bit overwhelming. I leave for work in the morning and by the time I get home she's just a little bit different. Babies are so amazing. Here's a slightly boastful list of what's been happening in Cristina World:

1.  No more neck bobbles - that means rides in the Baby Bjorn are much more interesting because she no longer has to face in and can face forward. 



It also means she can sit in the Bumbo and entertain herself...

Video of the first Bumbo sitting (please ignore my irritating voice)

2.  She's getting out a lot...

We spent last weekend on Kauai to go to Cristina's godmother's wedding.

Note to self: when packing, remember to the put the bloomers on the bottom so TSA doesn't think you're a pervert

At the hotel pool. To diva. Or not to diva?

Family photo the day of the ceremony. Beautiful weather!

A day in Hanalei. PERFECT!

My favorite view as we entered Hanalei. Check out the waterfalls!

Sleeping in at the hotel

Wedding dress!

Goofing off -- fish lips x 2

3. She's getting a lot of visitors...

The "GUNKLES" Scott and Marco visited from LA, and we had a nice day at the Elks Club with Cara and Eric, too. 

On our deck with grumpy girl :-)

Godfather Todd visited for a weekend

A stroll through Waikiki with Todd and his aunt and uncle.

4.  She's sleeping a lot -- sometimes from 11 pm to 8 am. How lucky is that???  The trick??? NO FRIGGIN' IDEA!

Baby stretches are the best!

5.  Her feet are getting WIDE.

We call these LUAU FEET in Hawaii. 
But she's hoping to fit in to her new pink Havaiianas from her new uncle Joao in Brazil, soon!

Just kickin' it!

6.  Lots of tracking and smiling going on!

What is it about babies and ceiling fans?

I love this photo. Makes my heart melt.

7.  And with all of this...right here, in this very moment, we are very grateful!

Handwritten messages on diapers from one of our baby was just too perfect not to take a photo!

Happy Three Month Birthday, Cristina!

(You're probably wondering why "47 years" is in the title of this post. Well, tomorrow is my 47th birthday and I'm doing my best to tell myself that age is just a number, darnit!)