Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After Two Days of Incubation..

Yesterday morning, after two days of incubation, our 15 embryos were graded by Goral Gandhi as 3A's, 3B's and 9 C's. I've been mulling these number over in my head ever since we found out. I'm understanding that these grades could change, after talking to Dr. Kadam, but we are concerned that if we use all the best graded embryos on the first attempt, we will lose the remaining frozen ones once we thaw. It's common that embryos go down a grade when put through the thawing process, so you can do the math -- basically we lose the 9 C's if we don't use them now or if they stay C's and haven't grown more in the last 24 hours, the B's may go to C's and the A's to B's. Goral is grading them again this morning. Someone give me a Xanax.

Transfer is at 9 am, which is in about two hours. At that time we'll have about 15 minutes to decide when we consult with Goral and Kadam. We haven't come all this way for not, GOSH DARNIT (I'm holding back can you tell?)!!

Think good thoughts.


  1. Good luck - oxox Cara

  2. That all sounds good to me. I would be more than happy with your result. I have had low graded embryos overtake A grades, and we did PGS and our A grades fell out of the race, while the lower graded ones tested normal. don't look at your C-grade embies and think they are inferior, even if they don't become A grades, it doesn't mean you will get pregnant, this time or next. Many a baby has been born normal, healthy and gorgeous from a C-Grade embie!

    Keep up the faith and try not to over think.

  3. Thanks Amani and Cara! It's so tough watching all this unfold as a bystander. But we've got the faith and a really good first try, and a second if those embryos can survive the thaw. Amani, you are a wealth of information and I really appreciate all the love and support you are sending from Down Under. Wishing you luck on this upcoming cycle!!!

  4. Best of luck,
    but considering the time, i think that you have probably made your decisions,