Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Our little pirate and pumpkin finally enjoyed her first Halloween without 1) falling asleep or 2) not knowing what the heck was going on...

A very peaceful pirate. This one just makes my heart melt. So adorable.

Trying on her costume just to see if it fits...I am so lucky to have these two in my life

Walking around our neighborhood. Day of the Dead (Daddy) meets Pirates of the Caribbean (Cristina and Papa)

At preschool they made their own pumpkin costumes (Cristina seems very proud of hers).

Walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating

Our happy little pumpkin!

Hope everyone had a 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cristina Lei's first day of preschool

Cristina handled the first week like a champ...there were several tears at drop-off up until about halfway through week two, but in the end, she's thriving. She's getting so big and people often think she's 3 or 4 but she's almost 2-1/2. her vocabulary has come along very well. We are starting to learn "gentle hands" and "friendly fingers"...after a few episodes of being a bit too aggressive with other classmates. Her appetite could be better but she's "grazing"...not fully eating a complete meal but trying her best. But all-in-all she's really getting along well and we couldn't be happier.

(yes, there are terrible twos...her increasing vocabulary includes such wonderful words such as "NO" or "STOP IT" or "MINE" or whatever it may be...but hopefully she's moving through this stage and on to of more challenges but so, so much fun).

Here are some photos over the past month or so.



A visit from Papa at Preschool...happy day...

Giving it a good try at playing volleyball with her good buddy, Kalia, at Bellows Beach

Smiles in her overalls

With her godparents just two days ago...

It takes a village. Lots of love surrounding this little girl and our family.
Thank you for your all your support.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two. Elua. Deux. Dos. Zwei. 二(ni)

We've Arrived at Two -- And I swear I feel like she was born yesterday. And yes, everyone DOES tell you that it flies by...but why?? When we're having such fun???

I know. I'm her father. I'm supposed to be gushing. And gush I do. On Facebook. Instagram. At work. In texts. On my blog...I'm that kinda parent. And most other parents don't bat an eye because they are doing the same thing -- loving their children. Is there anything better? Until you get there (and you will, all the IPs out there), you just don't realize the magnitude of having your heart live outside of your body all day, every day, for the rest of your life. It grounds you in a way you've never experienced before...and it's only going to get worse...errr or better. And we are so looking forward to it. The only part that makes me feel a tiny pang of an "ouch" is knowing we will never have that moment back...that one that just happened. The one that made my heart melt, made me say "awwww", and get those butterflies of love for our child. Those moments of sad eyes, giggly laughs and tickles, to cute garbled words, to singing Zippidy Doo Da in the car on the way back from day care, to her saying "nilky please?" or just that tired look at night when she molds in to your body and you rock her to sleep. It really has been that good, with only a few down times (during which I secretly plan to plan a Papa/Daddy vacation until I come to my senses).

Here are some photos of her 2nd Birthday Party. Enjoy!

Peppa Pig is the bomb in Cristina's world.

Opening her Godfather Todd's birthday card

Snuggling with her sister, Chloe, before the festivities...

Uncle Matt always arrives early and wants kisses. She warmed up by the end.

Cristina's cousins, Balen and Aidan, and neighbor, Rocky. A framer for sure.

Cristina and her friend, Kalia from day care -- they are total BFFs

Kory, Page, Mekia and Josh

Slave. Labor. Nuff said.

The gang in Cristina's room.

Godmother Kay and our very good friend and neighbor, John.

Apparently picking leaves off bushes is a very fun thing to do....

Waiting for the birthday cake.

Here it comes...and she' doesn't know what to do with it.

Keola and Kalia know exactly what to do with the birthday cake!

Holly, Patti, John and my sister-in-law Leah

Daddy and Rocky are getting ready to make Peppa Pig disappear

My two brothers, Scott and Matt with me and Cristina. She's very ticklish...

Kisses were being doled out by the end of the night, Thank God.

Daddy and Cristina reading Daddy's 
godmother's birthday card to Cristina.
This was a very sweet moment...

An awesome 2nd Birthday...for sure.

Papa and Daddy Love You, Cristina Lei. Here's to a happy and memorable year of growing and loving and making friends. You're Two now!!! Such a  BIG girl...


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HuffPo Gives Us Another Go...

Feeling very lucky and honored to have been interviewed for this piece, after I was able to blog a couple times on HuffPo about being gay dads. I guess I've been getting a little excited on Instagram with photos of our little angel and it caught their attention... And I guess that's normal for new parents (well she's almost two so sorta new???)...all in all just happy we are able to tell our story and advocate for parenting by same sex parents. What an amazing time in history!

Here is the link: http or just click on the image below:

I hope everyone out there in the blog world is doing well. We have all been doing great. Can't believe Cristina will be two years old next month. Time is flying...and the milestones have been flying by as well...

All the best,
Doug, Bill, Cristina and Chloe