Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HuffPo Gives Us Another Go...

Feeling very lucky and honored to have been interviewed for this piece, after I was able to blog a couple times on HuffPo about being gay dads. I guess I've been getting a little excited on Instagram with photos of our little angel and it caught their attention... And I guess that's normal for new parents (well she's almost two so sorta new???)...all in all just happy we are able to tell our story and advocate for parenting by same sex parents. What an amazing time in history!

Here is the link: http or just click on the image below:

I hope everyone out there in the blog world is doing well. We have all been doing great. Can't believe Cristina will be two years old next month. Time is flying...and the milestones have been flying by as well...

All the best,
Doug, Bill, Cristina and Chloe