Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

I know this is all premature but of course I HAD to inquire how our surro was doing as we inch towards the HPT this Sunday (14 dpo). She mentioned three things: she's hungry, she's irritable, and she's had an increased amount of whitish discharge. I understand this is way too much information for many out here but I immediately had to look it up. Who knows I would take such pleasure in these types of things??? After an hour of researching, and wondering, and speculating, all could mean good news...but it also could be a million other things. Damn you Dr. Google!

I need one of those remotes that Adam Sandler had in that movie Click...FAST FORWARD please?!


  1. Oh jeez, I don't know!! Will you get your beta results on Sunday or have to wait a painstaking day or two?

  2. Oh please let this the one for you!!!!

    Amani (Meg) xxx

  3. Great to see you guys back and in action! those signs seem to be something, not sure what, lol...hope it is early signs..

    Great analogy!! Love the movie too. Cant wait to hear the results...keeping u guys in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. We will do a home pregnancy test and then if it's positive we'll do a blood test.

  5. Those sound like good signs!

    Do you know if she is going to take an early pregnancy test before Sunday like "First Response?". The early tests aren't completely accurate because they can give false negatives but I think they work 80% of the time.

    Just for fun, if you haven't checked it out already, BabyCenter is a great website:

  6. I think First Response is the most sensitive to HCG levels so it catches it early. I'll check the site you sent...thanks! If it's negative then we'll just keep testing...she's supposed to get her period this Sunday, too. We're hopeful but understand this is our first time and we'll be pretty lucky to get the BFP right away. But it'd be AWESOME. :-) I think we're due!

  7. Ahh...the dreaded 2 Week Wait...seems like forever, doesn't it? Sounds like your surro is getting some promising signs. I admire her restraint in not "cheating" and HPT'ing early. (although, I have to admit that I keep checking in to see if maybe you've had some early news :) ).

    First Response is a good choice, although you might not want to start off with the digital one. It needs a little higher amount of HCG to get that "pregant" sign up. If she tests early, she might actually be pregnant but not enough to pick up. I just found it more discouraging to see the words "not pregnant". At least with the HPT's with the lines, you can twist it and hold it up to different lights to look for that second line....And yes, I was an HPT addict! Guess you could probably tell that...

    Anyway, I'm keeping everything crossed that Sunday will bring positive news!!!!

    Hang in there!