Saturday, June 2, 2012

Did someone say TWO WEEKS OLD?

As "M" says...we are now counting in a totally different way. Not how many weeks pregnant, but how many weeks old baby Cristina is. Happy Two Week Birthday, Cristina Lei!!!

Vogueing on the Diaper Dance Floor for her Two-Week Birthday

"These signs are getting ridiculous, people!"

This past week has brought more joy than the first, if that was even possible.  We are finally back home in Hawaii...and literally every second is something new...and we just can't get enough of our beautiful daughter. 

Here are some photos and captions over the past week or so...

This was just one of those "I can't help it" moments...

Finally in her nursery, peaceful as ever. Love this photo!

Daddy Bill and Cristina doing some bonding

A favorite. Just pure sweetness.

Oh, another favorite (did I already say that???)...but how can you resist THAT?


Multi-Tasking Stay-At-Home-Daddy! 
I think he's got it down.

That's Bill, navigating me and Cristina through Costco...
...or he's running away?!


Cristina Meets Chloe

Oh gosh, ANOTHER favorite..."Sisters"

Had to take the "I'm all stretched out" shot!

Lots of visitors - my brother Scott holding his niece

 Our good friend, Sara

Getting a little dressed up by daddies but no where to go.

Our friend Paige and her mother paid a visit. Paige is due next week with her second girl!

Our neighbors' kids are chomping at the bit to babysit. Hopefully we can afford them.

My brother Matt and his family

 Maureen loves babies...she gave Cristina the thumbs up...a baby jade bracelet, and an antique silver spoon with her initials engraved on it. Thanks Aunty Maureen!

Our good friend, Shannon, and her daughter Maia

My boss and friend Kathy misses her first granddaughter who recently went back to South she needed a baby holding fix.

Our friends James and Terrance (who hosted our fabulous Hollywood Baby Shower) sent Cristina a Tiffany piggy bank for all her adult expenses (does that include college???)

Self-portrait with my sleepy girl

My cousin Linda is a baby whisperer

Some of the very cool hand-me-down dresses that our friends James and Terrance sent us. The box was LOADED with the coolest clothes for Cristina. We cannot wait to get her in some of these outfits and dresses.  So frickin' cute.

That's it for now. We are still adjusting to being home, the six-hour time difference, and caring for a newborn.  Cristina sleeps pretty well for being two weeks old. We are supplementing formula with breast milk and she has about 2-1/2 to 4 ounces per feeding.  She gained like 9 ounces since her birth weight.

I go back to work on Monday. I guess I'm ready but the jury is still out. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just spend some more time at home?  The time off has been amazing, and I am so thankful for being able to take it and spend this time taking care of our daughter with Bill.

I am still putting together our birth story and that will hopefully be the next post.

Hope you enjoyed the photos of baby Cristina...

Thinking good thoughts for everyone out there. 

Take care.


  1. She is adorable and looks very much loved and adored!!! Congrats again

  2. what a lucky baby. I love the picture with Cristina and Chloe

  3. Absolutely beautiful... my favorite is the one of the 2 "sisters" - priceless!

  4. Happy Birthday Cristina. Your photos are adorable. I especially like the one-handed feeding by your daddy. I'm gonna work on a similar move but for three.

  5. OMG Doug! The pictures are just amazing! I kept saying, "Oh, that's my favorite, that's my favorite one....oooohhhh that one is for sure my favorite." :) She's angelic! Especially in picture #1! I am SO glad that you are sharing all of these pictures and stories with us. Lots of love going's beautiful.

  6. Happy 2 week birthday!! She is SO adorable - I'm glad you're getting to spend so much time with her before you go back to work. Everyone looks so happy - welcome back home!

  7. Cristina is one loved little gal! The picture of her and her sister pup is too cute for words. Happy 2 weeks! :)

  8. Oh my she is so cute! I am trying to pick my favorite picture - it is impossible! They are all gorgeous!

    Best wishes
    Kathrin (Germany)

  9. Happy 2nd Week Birthday. She is so cute.

  10. Thank you so much for the update! Great sweet!

  11. Beautiful, Happiness

    Thank you,

  12. Beautiful little girl, a million congratulations! Wow!! SR x

  13. These pictures just make my heart swell! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  14. I LOVE THE PICS!!!
    Was reading this on my phone yesterday and I LOL when I saw the vogue pic with caption.

  15. The pics are glorious! I love that tree in the nursery, think I will be looking for one of those as I am getting our nursery finished right now. How did she get to be two weeks? Wow, time flies. Much love to you all xxx

  16. hey guys - love that you are sharing this. our neighbours warren & randy had a little girl 22 months ago and started a dads group in vancouver and help other couples navigate their way through the process. i look at your pictures and the love i see pouring out and it brings back all those memories of their first days with emma.
    i know cristina will continue to bring you tons of love, laughter and joy. have fun and get some sleep too! love you, kellie & doug

  17. I'm new in this blog and I find it soooo sweet. hugs from Spain.

  18. Massive love to you guys and CL...this is heart warming!

  19. Oh man there are so many beautiful shots of you guys and your baby girl, everyone is just beaming - just beautiful : )
    Happy happy Joy Joy !