Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Week Old!

Yesterday Cristina Lei turned one week old! We celebrated with some breast milk and formula, and some wine and beer. Thank goodness no one got the two mixed up.

Our little munchkin has been a doll this past week and we really have no complaints.  She had her first pediatrician appoitnment two days ago and she gained four ounces since her birth weight!  She's had a few smiles (gas), a few very large messy diapers (at very inopportune times), and a lot of people visiting and loving on her...

A visit from the DC boys, Jeff and Kevin

Uncle David holding Cristina (I'm afraid we're going to have to rip her out of his arms when we leave!)

Taken by Kevin and Jeff -- so sweet!...I'll cherish this photo forever.  I love this little girl!

Self-photo...Cristina's neck seems so strong!

Waiting for the pediatrician to check her out..she's a little modest and was covering up.
Binky close by for comforting

"yo! yo! yo!"

Uncle David's sister Sally (who let us use her co-sleeper and a bunch of other cool stuff -- thank you!)

Just home from the hospital and everyone's pooped.

Cristina meets her namesake - Bill's mother Eusebia Cristina - at Arlington National Cemetary

Cristina's Lei from Uncle David's nephew, Thomas (so cute)

Those lips...those lips! I love them!

This is what I'm coining the "Safety Dance"'s her favorite sleeping pose.

Jason from Stalking the Stork blog coined this her Victoria's Secret pose...not liking that, Jason. At all.  But loving that you are on your way to see Olivia and Clara as I type this!

A nice visit from my high school friend, Sarah...she was off to Istanbul the following day. Thanks for taking the time to see Cristina, Sarah...xo

Sweetness. Pure sweetness.

Bill's friend, Jere, from his Capitol Hill days...loving on Cristina

Bill's Bolivian Godmother, Vilma, loving on Cristina

Uncle David is going to miss Cristina, big time...

Our little babooshka!
(note the binky - love it)

"Milk Drunk" after "M" nursed

Those eyes are beautiful...looking right in to our hearts

Bill's elementary school friend, Ginny, loving on Cristina

She's got legs...

For Cristina's one week birthday, we all decided to sing her "Happy Birthday"

Lastly, I'm trying to find the words to describe the experience of the last few weeks here in DC.  Mainly, our wonderful relationship with "M" that has taken us by surprise. We have always been close to her, but there is something about this whole process and the resulting birth of a child that is so powerful. I'm going to save it for another post, but man, saying goodbye (for now) has been very, very difficult.  I hope I can do it justice one day in our birth story.  Because the whole thing completely floored me.
We leave tomorrow morning @ 8:18 am. Long 15 hour journey home. Can't believe we are almost there! AMAZING!!!


  1. Love, love, love! Tearing up and smiling through the whole post. The picture of Uncle David staring at her is just heartwarming.

  2. These pictures are awesome! She's so perfect!

    Safe travels!

    Next stop...HOME.

  3. I am crying reading your post, seeing all the photos ( especially you feeding her and Bill taking her to Arlington Cemetery to visit her namesake). Absolutely moving and beautiful. Thank you for posting this. Happy 1 week birthday Cristina Lei. Congratulations guys

  4. Loving all these magnificent photos which chronicle this stage of your journey. You and Bill are truth. Catch the wind of well-wishes and aloha, and bring the family home. You are loved.

  5. Such a beautiful post - the joy just shines through from every photo. Huge congratulations guys. The good news is it just keeps getting better and better!!! xxxx

  6. She is beautiful and it is so beautiful to see all your love for her.

  7. What a delightful post. You have had a wonderful time in DC. I especially loved you taking her to visit her namesake in Arlington and your self photo. Have a safe (and quiet) flight home!

  8. It has been an honor to be able to follow your journey. She is absolutely perfect and the pictures are amazing. Safe journey to all of you tomorrow.

  9. I've shared so much joy with you all through this whole process, but looking at all of these pictures at once just made me a big ole cry baby. Crying with the deepest joy for all three of you. She's a perfect little human being, and I can't wait to her about every one of her beautiful days. Love you so much!

  10. I have shared so much joy with you all through this whole process, but looking at all the pictures here together just turned me into a big ole cry baby! I am crying with the deepest joy, and could not be happier for all three of you. She is a perfect little human being, and I can't wait to hear about every one of her beautiful days. Love you so much!

  11. She is lovely and the photos are great !! Enjoy!!

  12. Thank you so much for all the pics! Many if which were extremely powerful and emotion provoking. As I read your post regarding M, I soon head off to the airport to pick up E. we haven't seen her in 8 years. Since the day we left the hospital w Benjamin. Someday you will be doing the same! I can't wait to get the three of you home and meet that precious baby girl of yours! We are so very excited for you all. Love you guys dearly!

    Jay, Nathan
    Jonathan & Benjamin

  13. It was wonderful to see the pictures -- everyone is so happy. They will be treasures forever.

  14. Big congratulations and thanks for sharing your amazing story and pics.

  15. What a beautiful and emotive post, as I type tears of joy are filling my eyes....
    So happy for you and your beautiful family. Cristina is just beautiful.

  16. She is gorgeous!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the pictures...looking forward to following along as Cristina grows:)

  17. Amen! I can post..not sure why i couldn't for days!! Luv the pics, she is everything i imagined and guys must be oozing with happiness and lack of sleep, LOL...Love the post as always

    Yes we ordered the tree from Esty...should be here in 2 wks...teh others were from amazon :)

  18. Awe you guys...she is so adorable! I love that you are capturing all these moments on goes so fast! Sending love to you all from Canada!! :)

  19. Beautiful!! Im so happy for you have been through so much to get here!!! You deserve some happiness!!!