Friday, June 8, 2012

Update and Photo Dump @ 3 Weeks Old

Time seems to be passing quicker and quicker these days.  This Sunday we'll have been home two weeks...but TODAY Cristina is a big 'ole THREE WEEKS OLD!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Cristina Lei. We love you more than anything!

Feedings are going really well, she takes both formula and breast milk interchangeably, approximately 3-4 ounces per feeding.  We have been feeding her only when she's hungry or cries and that is usually every 2-1/2 to 3 hours during the day (breast milk) and sometimes up to 4+ hours at night (formula). We are still not getting enough sleep but it's kind of encouraging that she is possibly moving towards sleeping longer at night. I, personally, cannot wait until this stage!  :-)

Bill has been an absolutely awesome stay-at-home-dad. He is a natural and takes her on errands to Whole Foods, Home Depot and Costco, and even takes the basinett to the back yard with Chloe and does some yard work and gardening.  I'm so lucky to have him in my life...and to take care of our daughter.  Such an incredible blessing!

She takes a binky very, very easily...I wasn't aware that some kids don't take pacifiers very well for we consider ourselves lucky that she takes one quickly and it calms her down when she's fussy. She's even found her fingers for self-soothing.  Next she'll be juggling and doing aerials and hopefully making dinner. If only!

This Week in Photos (and a few really cute ones I forgot to add from the previous week):

Baby Burrito. 
Obviously Papa Doug swaddled her because she got her arm out...which has been happening a lot lately. Time to stop swaddling?? I hope not because it sure calms her down and she's easy to carry when she doesn't have arms and legs and a bobbly head swinging around.

In her boppy pillow sleeping.  Last night I fed and burped her and then while watching her sleep in the pillow I myself fell asleep in the rocking chair for two hours.  I woke up at 12:45 am wondering where the heck I was and who this child in my lap was. I think we are just a little tired around here.

Waiting to see her pediatrician in Hawaii for the first time.

Everything checked out great and she gained 9 ounces!

Chloe is showing Cristina the neighborhood.  Yes, I took her outside in only a diaper because 1. It was hot,  and 2. it was a feat just to get out of the house with a dog, a stroller, a baby and a cup of coffee!

"Wave your hands in the air!!"
Laying on the very cute blanket that was (surprisingly) color-coordinated with the nursery. The blanket was hand-knitted by Uncle Scott's mother in Arizona. It's perfect!

Someone's neck is getting more bobble-head soon!

"tits up" in the basinett

Aunty Malia gave her a very "proud" two-piece bathing suit.
The gay pride-themed suit part was by accident, but we all got a very good laugh out of it.

Baby Burrito 2!

I thought I would add a photo that Uncle David in DC sent, of the collage on his refrigerator.  
I think he misses us! We'll be back!

I'm finding that the Bob Marley Pandora station is the best to soothe and rock Cristina to sleep. It's on CONSTANTLY.

Aunty Sharon, who has been soooo supportive throughout our baby-making process.

"Chicks Rock" onesie, from Aunty Shannon. 
She wears it well.

Ok...another Chloe/Cristina favorite. Actually, Bill left the room to get some coffee and Chloe relocated from the other side of the bed, to get some good snuggle time with Cristina. 
Amazingly adorable.

"It's 6 am -- please don't wake me"

Little piggie toes in the air while eating lunch!

Silly faces....

and very, very serious faces.

Finally, a video of Cristina sleeping. If you can hold out the minute and twenty seconds there's a few smiles, some rolling of her eyes...and I think possibly a little gagging?
I'm you go:

That's it for now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Big smiles,


  1. so very cool...Chloe is doing exactly what i'd do...seriously...much love and hugs!

  2. OMG so adorable and I absolutely love how Chloe snuggled up to her. Cristina is a lucky little girl with all that love around her. Good job daddies!

  3. Sooooo adorable!! I love the video! She is one cute little baby!
    On the sleep front ... oh can I relate! ;)
    Kathrin (Germany)

  4. Shes super cute! love the pics!!!! Keep sharing!
    As for your swaddling situation, I would highly recommend a Miracle Blanket. Its awesome. My youngest loved to be swaddled and we did until she was about 4 1/2 months old! Its so easy to use and as they get older, or when its especially hot, you can leave their feet out and still swaddle their arms. Love it love it love it!!

  5. Clara doesn't like binkies either, which is why we try to keep her asleep as long as possible. Glad you guys are home and sinking into a routine. Can't wait to meet her!

  6. Soo adorable!! I love the little baby coos.. I can't wait!! You guys are doing a wonderful job!

  7. So. Many. Things. I. Want. To. SAY!

    1) I know you won't believe me but I can actually SMELL the flowers in your new cover photo.

    2) Go Bill! Rockin' the SAHD title! And good for you Doug, for acknowledging him and how awesome he's doing. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.

    3) Baby Burrito 2 Picture: OMG. Adorable.

    4) I want a Chicks Rock shirt! I'm going to look for one of these in adult sizes! Cute!

    5) I love that Chloe wants to snuggle with Cristina. Best buds.

    6) And the video. I think I could watch for an HOUR and 20 minutes! I love all the faces, the coos, and yes, I would agree that there IS a little gagging there at the end. LOL!

    See! I told you I had a lot to say! :)

  8. Video makes it clear she is a happy, secure darling little girl. You Dads are doing great.
    Keep swaddling. The gauze blankets are great esp in hot areas. Babies love to bust out of them, the exercise is wonderful for building limb strength.
    VERY VERY HAPPY for you all.

  9. oh my how i miss sleep! SLEEP! she's precious. glad to know how much she eats too ... we were worried for a bit that our little PB was eating too much, but looks like he's pretty normal. =)

  10. Holding her head up at 3 weeks is pretty darned impressive! Boy is she a big baby, 9 pounds already, I was a 10 pounder, and the only baby my poor mum delivered without drugs. Ouch! Keep the pics and videos coming! Meg and Toby xxx

  11. Every 4+ hours at night??? I'm so jealous. My kids are getting close to 3 months and just about a week ago they started getting close to 4 hour feedings instead of 2 1/2 or 3 hour feedings. Wanna come to Chicago and experience twin feedings for a few days? You'll love your 4 hour feedings then. LOL

    1. Michael, that's a good day! And I tell you I think we jinxed it because as of Monday she's been up every two hours at night. That means we are getting very little sleep!! No trips to Chicago planned...we have our hands full here. I can't imagine how full yours are! ;-)

  12. A well loved little girl! She is making me soooooo clucky! I remember falling asleep with my son and waking up in a fright, thinking what the hell is going on! I ended up writing down every feed as I was sooooo exhausted! It gets better :)

    BTW: awesome name (ahem, the first one is the same as mine!)

    What kind of dog is Chloe?

    1. Thanks Cristina (how funny that's your name!!)...Chloe is a mutt really. Her father was a Rottweiler and the mother was a mix. Not sure what...she's a Craigslist dog! This is what she looked like as a puppy, if you are interested:


  14. whew! having a baby is like having a full-time job but I bet you guys enjoy it and taking care of her brings you more than happiness.

    Cristina is lucky to have both of you.

    Congratulations for having her.