Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

We had a nice day today. Fresh blueberry organic pancakes made from scratch by our super awesome friend who lives right next door. She even held Cristina while we gobbled down all the goodness. Cristina's gift to her Daddy and Papa was to sleep until 8 am (THANK YOU Cristina!)

Coaxing Cristina to Look at the Camera

That didn't work

Mission Accomplished!

Thanks Natalie for making breakfast and freeing up our hands to actually enjoy it. You rock!

We then went to church for the first time as a family and Cristina was soooo good. Lots of congratulations from our friends. They even brought me communion because I was too anxious about going all the way up to the altar with a newborn.

And then Bill and I took turns pampering ourselves (insert here: a visit to the gym).  We swapped taking care of Cristina while the other worked out and it was actually such fun being one-on-one with my little girl. Since Bill stays home with her this doesn't happened too much just she and I. We walked around Waikiki and window shopped, bumped in to friends, had a poopy diaper, a coffee and then home for a casual dinner with our neighbor friends.

As Bill says, "Welcome to Living the Dream!" I couldn't agree more. We are so lucky.

Happy four week birthday to Cristina!!!

And Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Lotsa Love...


  1. Yes, that's right, Christina made it just in time for Father's Day. How kind of her!
    Ah, the Gym. I seem to recall that magical place. Or maybe it was just a lovely dream.

  2. How lovely for you both. It sounds like Cristina is a very considerate baby if she is sleeping until 8am. Love your pics!

  3. Happy Fathers' Day to you both!!! (I'd like a neighbor just like yours too!)

  4. Sounds like a great first Father's Day! Happy 4 weeks!

  5. Sounds like you guys had a PERFECT day!!!

  6. What an awesome 1st Father's Day! It sounds like you guys have a great support system, which is such a blessing!

    I want to live next door to a Natalie. :)

  7. Excellent Father's day, indeed! So happy for you.

  8. Mmmm those pancakes look absolutely delicious. I'll be right over lol...

    Happy 4 week birthday Cristina and happy father's day dads :)

  9. YES..a big Happy Father's Day #1 for you special! Now I just covered my guys with licks...they approved!

  10. Such a Beautiful Family!!!!
    Thanks for sharing guys.....
    it only gets better!

  11. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! YOU guys look great and your little princess is adorable xx

  12. Beautiful family and Cristina Lei is just gorgeous!!