Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baby Steps

Second day of the first week back at work and all I can say is "ouch...I'm tired!"...

No, I didn't expect to NOT be tired...but when I looked at the clock at work this morning I almost fell off my chair when it read 9:30.  Last night was a rough one as Cristina didn't really go down until 2 am when she normally hits the hay at midnight. And then Bill takes the next shift (thanks honey!)

But all I wanted to say when my alarm went off at 5:45 was "OUCH!"

"Baby steps", I said to myself..."just make it to 11 and you can go home for a visit and snuggle with Cristina at lunch."

And guess what???...it worked.  
And what a happy Papa I was when she was up and alert and I got to feed her...
...only for her to go back to sleep on my shoulder (after some good gas -- wonder who she takes after?)
Evidence of my sleep deprivation (my eyes look cock-eyed!)

SO..."BABY STEPS" is the theme for getting back to work this week...and the theme just may carry over in to next week, and the next, and so on. That is, if this week is any indication of how it will be in the future. But if the trade-off is I get to hang out with my little girl (and hunky hubby -- who loves ya, baby?) I guess I can survive on minimal sleep for the time being.

In the meantime, congratulations to Jason and Adrian on their successful Delhi arrival and the discharge of Olivia and Clara!  And a HUGE, I MEAN HUGE!!! congratulations to Kevin and Jeff on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Baxter.  Cristina has lots of good birth year company out there.  Next step is to coordinate a visit.

Let's all meet in Hawaii in 2013!

Big Aloha,

OH and P.S.  Did anyone watch the Oprah interview on OWN with Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka? I loved the part where Oprah revealed her "A-ha! moment" about gays having kids, and how much it takes (emotionally, financially, etc) to have them...which really shows how much we really do WANT children.  Not saying anyone who isn't gay doesn't want their kids...but it really expressed the way I have been feeling over the past several years, big time.  Bill and I wouldn't have worked so hard to be parents if we didn't really, truly, want to have a child. We could have given up easily, but we didn't...and so, so glad we followed through.  Ok...this is a really long postscript...signing off now.


  1. Will be checking that out on demand, thanks for that tip! Cristina is so adorable! You totally have that "new Dad" sleep-deprived look! But you wear it well my friend! I wanna come to Hawaii sooo badly!! I have friends there itching for me to come so I even have a place to stay!!

    1. Thanks! And if you get to Hawaii to see your friends definitely let us know :-)

  2. Welcome to the land of drowsy...it gets better...and then worse...and then better...and then worse...and then you forget if it's better or worse...and then you just cross your fingers and hope to sleep until 7AM someday.
    But who cares about any of that...you have one cutie patootie!

  3. I know you're tired but you look DARN good with a baby in your arms. ;) Baby steps is a great strategy. Thanks for continuing to post...It's so great to be able to "live" the first weeks of parenthood with you.

    1. I like to look in the mirror to remind me the she's actually here...as crazy as that sounds. Thanks Jeni!

  4. I have to agree with Jeni on everything she said! lol She does look like she was meant to be in both your arms :)

  5. Oh Doug that photo is hilarious (I'm really sorry but I had a little chuckle at your expense xx)Don't worry - with a pinch of luck you'll get your own back in about 2 months time when I won't know which way is up!!

  6. Okay, now you're starting to ramble. You really are tired!
    Just watching you Newbies raising babies is making me tired. Stop it already!
    And after a few months home with John, I was so happy to go back to work. Yes, I know, that's bad. So what!
    Now give your baby a kiss for me. Christina, not Bill! Alright, give him a kiss for me too.

  7. Aw, i feel for you and your sleep, but you guys are GREAT daddies!!

  8. One of the partners at my firm, a late 50's childless career woman, pulled me aside on my last day to reveal her own A-Ha moment. She actually told me that we and our struggle to be fathers made her understand why we care about marriage. Crocodile lady was about to cry (!) so I just went in for a big bear hug and I think any standing outside of our glass conference room would have passed out seeing that!

  9. Love the pics!! You look so tired, but happy!

  10. Keep on rockin' it, Papa! You are doing a fine job.

  11. You look so tired indeed. It gets better as she learns about day and night and creates her very own new sleepingg pattern that you can adapt to. Hugs!

  12. Your daughter is lovely. And her sleep pattern is normal. As is your lack of sleep pattern.
    My son and his husband were chosen to adopt their daughter in August 2011; the first month they wondered if they would ever sleep again. My granddaughter at 6 months was fully sleeping 12 hours a night and her fathers are now missing the tiny newborn enormously. But I do not think they will get to have a second...babies are expensive as you know.
    You will miss this newborn stage too. But it only gets better, they smile and laugh and crawl... and walk all too soon. And they light up with joy on seeing you. A little lost sleep will dim far into your memory sooner than you can believe.
    SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS, so much joy for you and this world.
    Someday equality will be normal... that too will be wonderful.

  13. She is super cute! Congrats again, guys.

  14. wow congrats!!!! I haven't been online much lately so just checking in to see how you are doing. I am so unbelievably happy for you!! What a beautiful family. You give me hope and strength. Thinking of you, all the best....one day at a time my friend.