Saturday, December 3, 2011

Answers to the sperm question...

...were classic!  Thanks all.  All these are GREAT.  Some very useful. Others HILARIOUS.

Jeni...Bill Gates? -- nice!  Can we use Steve Jobs?  Or since he had cancer is he now considered inferior? People can be so silly.

And Kevin, you're naughty, but I may use the first one with close friends.  

I still feel we are "not sharing that information" will most likely be our standard answer.  Though people will be able to tell when the little one arrives, as Bill and I look drastically different (think Jason and Adrian but bigger...haha...sorry J&A).

Oh and the Heffernan's, the question about the race of the baby reminds me of when we used my niece as our egg donor in India a couple years ago.  How's this??? People actually thought I was the sperm donor!  I looked at them like they were NUTS and did another squirmy dance.  People, did you take biology or listen at all during sex education?  Last time I checked having children with family members doesn't end up so well.

And Mark, I love your comment.  Your children are your children, biologically connected or not.  I've always said I'd take someone's baby off the street if they offered it to me. For some reason that hasn't happened yet...though there's still time.


  1. Jeff says "SHHHhhh!! We stole this baby. Pipe down - are you trying to draw attention to us? Jeez."

  2. Sperm doesn't matter... your children are your children no matter which way they come into your life. best wishes!

  3. Oh it gets more fun! Imagine the questions we get with 2 sets of twins born 5 months apart! When we tell people them their ages ('cause they inevitably ask...), they get this incredibly puzzled look on their faces. And usually they then ask, "but how is that possible?"

    15 minutes later the biology lesson is over. I should just record it so I can play it back....

    Today we took all four to our neighbors for their daughter's 4th birthday party, and I swear I went through the line of questions 5 times over!

  4. Hey, small gene pools are HOT. Egyptian royalty did it for thousands of years... 'course, they also had egg shaped heads, but hey...

  5. Mike and I always get...and I mean ALWAYS..."Where did you get them from?" or "Where did they come from?"

    Hmmmm...I think next time I'll just say..."the supermarket."

  6. The things ppl say are truly amazing and insane altogether. I am a woman who had a hysterectomy due to cancer but still has ovaries because I refused radiation treatments. Every time I get an ultrasound the health professional asks me if I am pregnant, after of course looking at my record that states I have had a hysterectomy. I say, "Well no, I don't have the necessary parts to carry a child." They always look puzzled, how is this so. How can another woman not realize that you need a uterus to carry a child. How does having ovaries (of course uncommon in my situation) seem to change that. I thought they had to ask as a legal reasons but then just recently found out, nope they are just clueless. People need to think things through a little before they speak and then if they need the help to figure it out I am happy to assist.