Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas countdown poses another question...

We've got 22 more days until we open the results of the "wee-wee or the hoo-ha appointment", as Michael from Michael's Surrogate Experience so hilariously put it in his recent post.  While Michael does not want to know if he is having twin boys, twin girls, or one of each, we are waiting with baited breath to discover what awaits us on the other side (and as you can tell, so is Ashton Kutcher). As I mentioned before, we'll have several of the "uncles" here to celebrate on Christmas Day when we open the best present ever.  Our surro said she's mailing two sets of gender reveal packages since the ultrasound is so close to Christmas Day.  So we will receive instructions on which one to open, based on the visibility of the "hoo-ha" or the "weenie".

These two slang words for our private parts got me thinking (yes, once again, thinking...), "what will Bill and I call it?"  Boy, girl, no matter what gender this baby is, we'll need to come up with a name for it.  The biological names just will NOT do.  Sorry.  I grew up calling it something totally foreign to most everyone, except for our close childhood friends who heard it in our household.  Since there were four brothers and one sister under one roof in my family, the male name for it was used much more often, which turned out to be "gogi" (prounounced go-gee).  And since my parents really couldn't come up with a unique name, my sister's it was called a "gogette" (pronounced go-get).  Don't ask me the origin of this word but I kind of laughed and shuddered at the same time when I stumbled upon the Korean delicacy bulgogi.  Oh brother...literally.

So on day 22 of the Christmas countdown to the Big Baby Gender Reveal...what do you call it in your family, or what did you call it growing up? Inquiring minds (or at least two in Hawaii) want to know.

Please refrain from any graphic details in your answers, this is a family blog!  


  1. Such a good question and one that I myself am pondering. My son just calls it his willy, and recently my 2 year old daughter announced to me that she has a willy and now I have to tell explain that she has a ... but what to call it, a flower maybe?

  2. This is an interesting question...and one I've given some thought to since the balance of jiggly bits in our house shifted 15 months ago.
    I did actually do some research on this way back and read an article by a sex therapist that suggested calling anatomical parts something OTHER than what they are in children, can mask an abuse situation - GOD FORBID - if one ever came up.
    Basically, the premise was that there are too many creepy people out there so you want your child to describe his/her private parts with accurate words so there is less likelihood of confusing something a child says.
    Not to be a downer on a post intended to be light minded - but I did find that to be an important point.
    That being said, I think I need to refer back to my health class textbook so I can figure out the correct parts/terms!!! Maybe there is a 'girl parts for gay men' book out there somewhere.....

  3. I'm a good Catholic boy. We never discussed such things. My kids will have to learn about it in dark backrooms of nightclubs like I did.

  4. My mother decided she wasn't going to use any cutesy names, so it was always the frighteningly blunt and clinical "penis." My dad, when he referred to it, seemed to be unable to soften it from his usual word of choice, "c**k." Though in his defense I don't remember hearing that word from him before I was eight or so. At least he was able to wait that long...

  5. My family is bilingual, so we have a couple of words for each ;) But in English, Ben (and daddy) has a willy, and Sophie (and mommy) has a fanny...

  6. I'm so honored to be mentioned in your blog. Thanks. And if you Google it you'll find lots of names, but some are just plain wrong.

  7. Well gosh, with your pregnancy being slightly ahead of ours, we were expecting that you would figure out all the answers to these oh so important questions first so that we can just follow suit. We look forward to your sharing of all the rights answers.

  8. To Anonymous -- wow, that's a bit of a quandary to be in. You may be on to something, though. A kind of slang for the female anatomy in Hawaii is punani, which translates to "heavenly flower"

    To Edward -- you have another good point. Thanks for bringing this up. I swear this little game of countdown questions is making me think way more than I thought it would. Appreciate your insight as always.

    Mark - you're naughty...but I'm chuckling...

    And Jason, your father sounds like mine. No tact but gotta love that he waited a few years to spare you the confusion... interesting that the word "fanny" in American English means buttocks but in Australia it's around the corner on the front side...

    Michael -- you're welcome. I love reading your blog and your musings about having a baby. I don't feel so crazy ;-)

    Bernadette -- no cheating! But I'm happy to share anything if you email me. Though I don't think you'll learn anything new...

    I'm still stumped as to what to call "it"...but I enjoyed the ride. thanks all.

  9. You have so many questions, i reallythink you need a glass of wine, LOL...but in my family we said "birdy or willy" for males and "nunie" pronounced (nu-nee). But i do like flower too, i just think of flower as your virginity...sorry i just saw the episode in Friends, LOL...

    I cait wait for Christmas to find out what you guys as having!!!

  10. I don't have any suggestions for you. Just wanted to let you know that your blog consumed my entire morning!! Thanks for the good read and WOW, what an amazing and heartbreaking journey this has been for you. I am so glad I am able to read about this new and exciting adventure you have embarked on. Good luck and many happy/positive thoughts as you continue.

  11. Growing up I don't remember what we called boy parts, but I called my girl parts my "Connie". I dont know how I started calling it that, but I did have a boyfriend once and his sister's name was Connie - I literally LOL'd when he said her name. My girls call their lady bits, their nana (pronounced: nah-nah) and we call the boy bits: ting-ting. That started after watching this:

  12. My 1 & 4 year old boys call theirs wieners. We didn't really impose the label but somehow the oldest found it and liked it. I didn't have a problem with it so we kept it. My daughter, for some reason, still calls hers hiney, despite that being a common name for another near by body part. I usually refer to hers as 'girl parts' or 'privates' which is rather lame but honestly I never put too much thought into it.

  13. As scary as this may sound, our girls both know the anatomically correct word for both bits...does that make us pragmatic fuddy-duddies?

    Hey, at least they still laugh hysterically when they pass well as announce it to the world. So we can't be too fuddy-duddyish.

  14. Toby has a doodle! But also penis so he knows the correct term, not that he cares about correct terminology, he's too busy playing with it!

  15. I have missed your last few posts, looks like I missed all the fun!! In my house we call it as it is but my friends daughter calls hers a peachy and the boy a doodle. I believe in taking about these things (in the comfort of my own home) as if they were like another body part such as foot or nose. My son does think I'm a psycho ( a funny one) though!!!!

  16. This post scared me, I thought damn you've taken my girl name ......but it's your dogs name, Lol!
    We had a huge rottweiler before we had my son and although I never left them alone we never had any probs. It was quite funny when I would drive with my massive rotty in the passenger seat and my little bub in the back seat!
    The experts say to let them smell the babys belongings before they are introduced to the baby