Friday, September 2, 2011

A change of scenery...

I have been thinking for some time that we were ready for a design change on this really boring template from like years ago. Yes, it's been YEARS since we started this blog. But I'm not complaining,...I've done that a bit too much on these posts...I'm mostly being hopeful and positive about our next outcome and encouraged by the fact that we are still in the game, after all the setbacks, negatives, early MCs, etc etc. Our goal is really to be good and pregnant by the end of the year, so make sure you note that, people, WE ARE GOING TO BE PREGNANT come hell or high water (barring any hurricanes, that is).

Our surro's period is due a week from this Saturday, 9/10, and we've discussed not receiving any test results until then. Testing early is for the birds (for me, anyway). Just too much anxiety associated with it and in the end, we just need a good, strong pregnancy that lasts longer than five weeks. HOWEVER, I have told our surro that if she gets a strong positive, then throw out the comment that early testing is for the birds, and gimme some good news, dammit! LOL...I"m terrible, but we are just so ready, and sometimes the early signs give us hope to get us through the next day, or hour, or literally the next five minutes, when it comes to keeping yourself sane. You all know what I'm talking about, right?

A big congrats to all the SCI Delhi babies out there, and also the clinics in Mumbai, and all the babies born in the States to surros and IPs. I just love reading these stories of the journey to have a child. There is something so amazing about it. I hand it to all of you -- you guys ROCK. Including the surros, and clinics and hospitals that make it possible. Such a great partnership!

We will keep everyone posted on how things go. Really, really hoping that it sticks this time (third time, a charm?) but if not, we have a super excellent plan b in the works that will kick in to high gear as soon as possible because I am still set on getting pregnant before the end of the year -- of course there's always room to move that goal forward if things aren't aligned, but I'm on a mission and I believe this baby will come in to our lives within the next 12 months. Hope I'm not jinxing anything but I just have to stay positive.

Thanks for following our crazy trip with surrogacy. It's been extremely memorable and will be something to look back on one day and be so happy that we traveled the extra mile to get what we wanted. Fingers crossed. Let's get STICKY with it...Thanks all...


  1. Great attitude! I can't wait to celebrate your positive....SOON!!!

  2. Really inspiring to see the drive, passion and determination in your writing about reaching that goal. It's going to happen and I can't wait to read the earth-shattering news when the time comes :)

    Also, love the new look to the blog! Looks modern, minimalistic and stylish!

  3. Thanks Edward and Toban. Between the two of you there are four beautiful babies so we are sure there is at least one out there for us. And Toban, you have really been an inspiration to me to keep moving forward despite the setbacks. Thank you!

  4. It will be your turn SOON, we all know it - so it's great that you're being positive too. Can't wait to see the photos of you two with your offspring!!

  5. LOVE the positive attitude! It WILL happen! All sorts of STICKY thoughts headed your direction! Can't wait to hear the great news!! :)

    -Jeni (LoveMakesAFamily2011)

  6. I KNOW there are baby(s) out there for you!!! We are proud of your determination and it has given us strength to move forward with our journey. All the best to you! Bernadette