Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thanks All

I just want to say thanks to everyone out there in blogland who have encouraged us along and helped us make the decision to move forward. NO, we don't know each other but I feel like we do. There's something about sharing an experience together and it doesn't matter if you're the best of friends or have never laid eyes on each other. The shared experience is what bonds you.

So I'm just very grateful for the support we have. It really does make us not want to give up. We appreciate you all!

D and B


  1. We really hope you don't give up! It has obviously worked for us on our 4th attempt, but I came across a blog the other day where the couple are on their 6th or 7th attempt. It did make me think, would we have had the emotional and financial resources to try for a 5th/6th/7th time? I'm imagining that the journey would just get harder and harder and I'm not entirely sure we would have been able to carry on... We'd at least have had to put it on hold for a while to recover emotionally and unfortunately to recover financially too. But I'm just so obviously glad we didn't give up. Of course, like anyone, we'd have loved it to work first time (who wouldn't? !!!) but every loss, no matter how sad or difficult pushed us more and more to keep going. We really hope you carry on with hope and determination, that's what got us where we are and we pray that it will bring you the joy that you so deserve too x

  2. Doug and Bill...I have lost track of how many tries you are up to (sorry). We finally got lucky on try #7...we were having a baby come hell or high water. Email me anytime. Kerrie

  3. Kerrie, no worries...I'm hoping no one is keeping track. We started in October 2009. Two transfers in India (one fresh, one frozen) resulted in negatives. We took a huge break and decided to go with traditional surrogacy here in the U.S. Matched with a woman here in Hawaii August 2010 and got pregnant on the second try in October. M/C after six weeks. We actually tried again right away, but had no luck the next three tries (December, February, March). Our surro then moved away, which we thought was going to happen later in the year (more surprises). She had some stress in her life and so not sure if that was contributing to our troubles getting pregnant. We can only guess. Tried one more time (flew to her) and then after another negative we decided to hold off with her. On to the next surro!...first time we had a positive and then another M/C at about six weeks. So I guess that's 7 tries. We try again this weekend. I'm hoping that since this surro has had two children (one hers, one for another couple, in which the second one she had a M/C first try and then went full term on the second), we have a good chance.

    I'd love to talk more. What's the best way to get in touch? On your blog? Email? I don't think I have your email. Mine is

    Thanks for your support...much appreciated. And congratulations! :-)


  4. Please do not give up!! It will happen for you both.