Saturday, November 19, 2011

14 Weeks and Hola from Spain!

Today makes 14 weeks!  Depending on who you are talking to, this is the start of our second trimester...but that could have been two weeks ago, overall, just really celebrating where we are at right now.

Bill and I and four of our close friends/uncles (Scott, Asher, Marco and Todd) are in Spain for about 10 days and it's been an absolute blast. Mostly we are in Barcelona but we spent two wonderful days in Mallorca.  We've been texting with "M" every day and we talked to her just a couple days ago via Skype.  She said everything is going well.  She actually had just a general OB appointment on Thursday, and they quickly checked the heartbeat with an ultrasound, and everything looked good.

Below are a couple photos of our trip.  We go home on Monday morning...making the super long journey back to Hawaii.  And then back to work for a couple days before Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness it's only a two day week...I'll be super pooped from the jet lag.

Happy early (American) Thanksgiving to all!


Bill and I in front of La Sagrada de Familia in Barcelona

The motley crew in Valdemossa, Mallorca, Spain

The Cross at Santa Catalina in Valdemossa

Scott, Asher, me, Marco, Todd and Bill after a wonderful paella lunch in Mallorca

Rooftop sunset at Gaudi's La Pedrera in Barcelona

Todd, Asher, Marco and I down the street from Gaudi's La Sagrada de Familia

Supporting the Spanish economy at the Camper Outlet in Mallorca (where these shoes are made, I just figured out), with Scott's friend and our wonderful tour guide, Isa (who is 8 months pregnant and showing off her baby Camper shoes!!!)



  1. Nice pics! I'm definitely referring to you as Dug from now on.

  2. Beautiful pictures and HOORAY for 14 weeks! The time is going by so quickly!!! :)

  3. Visquen Barcelona i les Illes Balears! Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the trip!

  4. I just nearly spit out my beverage at "Dug"!

    Looks beautiful!! Congrats on 14 weeks!!

  5. Love Spain! How exciting. Congratulations on making it to the second trimester. Safe travels!

  6. BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!! enjoy Spain and congrats on 14 weeks guys...

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to u guys too :) Gobble gobble

  7. Looks like a great time! I am just a LITTLE jealous. LOL.

  8. 14 weeks! 14 weeks! 14 weeks!

    Make the most of your holiday time...everything will change you shortly. :)


    ps i'm very jealous - Barcelona is one of my favourite cities ever.

  9. Hey Dug
    You guys look like your having a great holiday, dig the pics, Dug!!! Lol!!

  10. What a great time you guys had...from one gorgeous part of the world to another...I won't say then..that it snowed didn't heat it from Sophie...zipped up tight!! Cheers!

  11. PS...they spelled your name wrong Dug..imagine that!!