Thursday, October 22, 2009

Transfer Update: All Is Well...

There is a lot to be thankful for today...our four embryos did well overnight and three of them grew nicely while the other one stayed about the same (it didn't degenerate so we were thankful for that). We tried to stay up for the news but Dr. Kadam and Goral emailed us late last night after we went to bed with a summary of the procedure. So this morning we woke up and found out that 1 B and 3 C's were transferred into our healthy, triple layer surrogate and all went smoothly. Each emby got a little help from a procedure called Laser Assisted Hatching or LAH.

This is where a small laser creates a very precise hole in the zona (or shell of the embryo), to assist in hatching and implantation. The zona usually hardens after being frozen and thawed so it makes it more difficult for the embryo to break out of its shell. And just for the record, the zona is not a living part of the embryo, so it does not harm the embryo at all.

So...we've got LAH and fluffy, triple layer walls!!! Sounds like a recipe for success. Grow Baby, Grow! Pregnancy test on November 2nd.



  1. Praying for a I told you, our dear friend became pregnant following the transfer of only 3C's...

    Warm hugs.

  2. Hooray... this is great news. fingers and toes crossed for you!

  3. This is excellent news! There will be a celebration on the 2nd November!


  4. The science is amazing!
    Will send a quick text to Haumea on your behalf.
    Maika'I pomaika'i

  5. Guys, GO! GO! GO! this is so good. We are with you! xo

  6. Go guys, please let this work. Many a baby has been born from a C-Grade embie. Hoping to hear of your positive news in around two weeks time.

  7. We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Best of everything over the next few weeks.

  8. Postive thoughts and prayers coming your way for a positive test. I'll be counting the days until November. I just know it will happen for you two.

    Love you D.

  9. How exciting for you guys! It sounds promising, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

  10. Good luck...two very long weeks...i know that, i have been through that 4 times...but finally it worked !!

  11. Doug and Bill,
    I have been thinking about you these past few days! Isn't it November 2nd in India yet!?!

    I am thinking good thoughts.

    (PS I was a "B" and "C" student in high school for the most part, and I turned out just fine!

  12. Hey Bea! We should find out tomorrow morning...maybe tonight. Right now it's about 10 am on November 2nd and our surro's test is at noon...result about 6 hours later. POSITIVE thoughts... thanks for thinking of us. xoxo