Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy Post Election Day

Cristina experienced her first election day and from what we can tell, she had a great time...lots of smiles :-)

And the right candidate won for president!

(big grin)


  1. I'm glad you live in a state that is blue. i learned so much about American politics this election, Did Christina put the ballot in the box? Meg x

  2. *grins* Such a cutie! Hey, did she get her voting-sticker ;)????

    Oh and yes he did... *pheeeeeeeew* *dances*

  3. Hooray at the right candidate winning ;)

    She is too cute. I love her!

  4. HUGE GRIN joining yours from CA. Now if we can just get the silliness about marriage and Doma cleared up.........
    BEAUTIFUL picture full of love and happiness. THANK YOU

  5. Major massive monstrous GRIN for you guys from me....Sophie!