Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 pound mango and nearly a foot long!

23 weeks today!!! which means our little girl is the size of a mango and is nearing 12 inches in length!

I'm still scratching my head and saying "How are we almost to the third trimester??"  It's shocking how fast the last several weeks have flown by.  Yes, everyone said they would, but it seems I've merely blinked my eyes since we reached 12 weeks...and I really thought we'd have time to do much, much more...

Like choose a crib, a stroller, a car seat, pack up the guest room and start planning the nursery, figure out what other "stuff" we need and put it on (or better yet, create) a baby registry, figure out how we are going to be sane after two baby showers in Hawaii and one in LA, research pediatricians!...coordinate my leave from work for the month of May (get caught up at work, for that matter), and I'm absolutely positive I'm missing 1,000 other things but it's really time to get our butts in gear for this baby.

In the meantime, here's what's happening at 23 weeks!


  1. Yeah, it gets faster and faster. Somehow our schedules are booked up from now until the babies are born...and that's if they don't come early. It's crazy. But everyone muddles through and survives it so I'm hoping we'll be no different.

    1. I know somehow we will do it but it's getting a little NUTTY around here! Have fun you guys!

  2. Hooray for crossing the mango milestone-- from someone who has done even less preparation than you!

  3. Congratulations guys!!! Mhhhh Mango!. =) Let me know when you are in LA... we can meet up. Wonderful news. SO excited that you are almost at the third trimester

  4. Congrat and best wishes!
    Have a great Sunday!

  5. Only the severely uptight people of this world can claim to be "ready" for their child to be born. We ALL do it! We think 40 weeks is a loooong time to prepare and suddenly the baby is coming and we don't have a car seat to bring them home! (no, that's not a true story for me, but, truthfully: forget the other stuff. The baby doesn't care. As long as you've got food and love ready, that baby will be happy!

  6. LOL, I remember that time! You will be surprised at how much gets done, and how quickly. And the truth is if everything doesn't get completed before she comes it won't seem to matter when she is in your arms. 23 weeks YAY!!!

  7. The weeks fly by now, and surprisingly you will be ready for her when she arrives!
    So very exciting!!!!