Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One day and many beats ahead...

As we led up to this third scan I was a wee bit nervous than most times, which means I was ultra-nervous because I'm always nervous...go figure. I don't know what's wrong with me but I think it's taking some time to get all the failed attempts and m/cs out of my head before I can truly embrace this awesomely perfect pregnancy. Besides low progesterone issues early on, everything has been going extremely well. However, as each doctor's appointment looms ahead of me I throw myself in to a panic, thinking that something could be wrong........

...and then the day comes, and the scan detects a gestational sac. A reason to celebrate! Yay!

...and then days before the second scan I feel like I'm getting an ulcer worrying about a heartbeat. And the day comes, and our scan detects a strong heartbeat at 135 bpm, a yolk sac and fetal pole. Boogie Down!!

...and on this third scan I knew that if things looked good, that we could relax (yah I know, don't I'm gonna relax!) for the next few weeks until we pushed through the first trimester. Naturally this put way more pressure on the appointment, since if something didn't look right I would most likely spin out of control and become a basket case (like I'm not now?).

And then today came, and the scan indicated that we are actually AHEAD of the game. The baby measured 8w5d instead of what we thought was 8w4d. Crown to rump length = 2.06 cm! I had to break out the ruler and see exactly how big or small that's small but BIG!

And the heartbeat was 180!...I'm thinking there must be some serious cardio going on in there with our olive-sized little one.

All that jazzercising is paying off little guy because you're growing like crazy...and doing such a great job!

Check out today's ultrasound that actually LOOKS like a baby now, though he/she is a little shy and facing away from the "camera" -- but looking good...BIG SMILES.

Now the wait for the first trimester to be OVER. Waiting for that day...but a little more relaxed. Promise.


  1. FANTASTIC!!!! Settle in for the long wait that will seem very short soon enough!!!!

  2. It is indeed a beautiful little baby-to-be!

  3. Great Photo! So much to be excited about. Congrats on your "Big baby"

  4. Wow, I love this post as it is full of so much good. YAY for you guys and your surro!!!

  5. You wrote on my blog that you could've written my last few entries. You weren't kidding. I did recently write almost the same posting a little while ago. We are two (worrying) peas in a pod! It gets better. Every day you let yourself feel a little more thrilled and excited -- and maybe scared and overwhelmed too, but in a good way. Just wait! :-)

  6. Dear Doug

    What an amazing heartbeat!! CONGRATULATIONS.Love the image of your beautiful baby. Wishing you all the very best.


  7. So heartwarming :)

    So happy for you Doug!!!

  8. PHEW! I remember those early days and that sense that you were constantly holding your breath. I am so glad things are going well!!!

  9. Absolutely, Wonderfully FANTASTIC news!!!!! I am so incredibly happy for you! And may I just go on the record now....I think you've got a little girl brewin'! :)

  10. Awesome news! Wishing you anxiety-free few weeks until the next BIG appointment (whenever that is). :)

  11. You reckon you're stressed now?? Wait until bubs arrives [insert evil laugh here]. Seriously, well done and remember to enjoy it.