Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Multiple Balls in the Air

We so so appreciate everyone's heartfelt advice and encouragement. There are so many people out there in so many different stages of this process -- and it's so good to know that we are all not alone as we navigate surrogacy, parenthood, adoption, imagining life with or without a child. For what it's worth we are still moving forward. No giving up here. No quitting. Just a pause in all the noise of this process. Let's just say we have multiple balls in the air and one of them we're hoping to drop...or two. I'll leave y'all with that. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.


D and B and C


  1. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way as you decide which balls to keep in the air!

  2. We'll be watching and hoping to see some good news blog posts soon! You guys have become the poster children of persistence! You WILL get there!

  3. Your day will come, try to hang in there.

  4. Before you know it, you'll be complaining that you never have anytime to yourself since the baby came along.
    Take care, m.

  5. That's great news Doug!!! Happy for you guys. I anxiously await the next update!

    *keeps hitting refresh frantically*

  6. Give us soon good news soon guys!

  7. You have had a very long and turbulant road. I do know the frustration of it and really feel for you guys. I also can see that you are determined and persistent, and that is the card that wins the best hand!

  8. Hi Doug,
    I'm so glad to hear that you're not giving up!! Everyone keeps saying that once you're holding that baby (or those babies!), it will all be worth it...And that's very true. But, the road from here to there can sure be tough, both financially and emotionally. Your persistance will pay off - you guys are already showing what great parents you'll be (and unfortunately you're getting a lot of practice at patience!) Please hang in there, and know that a lot of people are sending you good thoughts!!

    Good luck!!