Thursday, February 10, 2011

No news really

Well no luck this past try. And then our surrogate had to travel for the holidays all the way in to late January so we missed the last cycle. Our next attempt(s) start tomorrow and I'm like "enough's time this happens!" Just a little frustrated with all the emotions and anticipation, hopes and disappointments. I understand this is something you can't manufacture on cue, but I really do feel like we've put in our best efforts here and we are still empty-handed after almost two years of working at it (albeit we did not have our first embryo transfer until October 2009, but still, we've been working, working, working!). In fact, we've been working so hard on all kinds of things (that thing called work, too), that I neglected to announce that last year we introduced an extremely cute little girl to our family. It was an impulse adoption, after we lost both our older dogs in a year's span, but she's been a joy and a lot of sleepless nights -- let's just hope she's preparing us for a baby...SOON. Here are some pics of little Chloe.

Belated Happy Holidays to All...!
With much love and appreciation for all your support,
-Doug, Bill and Chloe


  1. Oh the negatives and waiting are awful...I really do feel for you both. Chloe is a beauty and I bet her happy face can wipe away your sadness sometimes.

  2. She is super cute! And def. not a baby but I hear ya on the late night thing. Our crack addict dog woke me at 4am whining at the dresser drawer we keep his dingo treats in.

  3. Major cuteness! All of you! Wishing you nothing but good thoughts. That puppy NEEDS a bro or sis to chase around!!!!

  4. I love her she is so cute!! Your baby will love her too. THIS time guys, THIS time it will happen.

    Amani (Meg)

  5. Hi Chaps,
    i am so sorry that it is such a hard road, but it is worth it at the end - well so i have been told. It can be hard to find balance and not let it consume you and still have a life.
    Chloe is a great step in the right direction, beautiful and clearly needs to be adored,

  6. All 3 of you are adorable! I hope your surrogacy jouney ends with a beautiful baby in your arms. Keep your thoughts positive, it takes time but it will happen. Have faith in the process.

  7. Keep hope alive. And remember, there is always adoption. Don't look at it as "plan B" either. It's a beautiful gift. I have four of them.
    Your Friend, m.

  8. Gents, we really do understand the frustrations, with two early miscarriages, a negative and finally a positive pregnancy, to date we have been doing this for nearly a year and a half (albeit our first transfer about his time last year) but keep strong, keep believing it'll happen....times can be rough as it's all you think about, everything else seems to stop and it's your only focus, but you WILL have a baby or more! I'll keep checking up with you and hoping to see good news soon x

  9. Awww sorry to hear. You'll get there... 2011 is going to be our year!

    Chloe is adorable! Congratulations :) She is very lucky to have you guys as a family.

  10. Looking forward to an update! I finally to just caught up on everyone's journey...thinking of you guys.

  11. Your dog is soooo cute! You guys ain't so bad yourself!