Thursday, September 23, 2010

...add to the symptoms... she's now noticing a pinching sensation in her left side...

I seem to have read somewhere as I combed the internet the other night that this is potentially another sign of an early pregnancy.

Hopefully on Sunday I can say, "somebody pinch ME"!

Writing all these crazy thoughts down has been so therapeutic. Regardless of it sounding crazy and all...


  1. Totally crazy! (and awesome) Good luck guys!

  2. I love that you are potentially as crazy as me! In all seriousness though, it is nice to see you so excited again...sending good thoughts and energy your way.

  3. hoping for some excellent news, right alongside you :)


  4. Here's to sending a pinch more baby dust for you...

  5. Dittowhat terry & steve saud, its so nice to see you posting, hoping all goes well!!

    PS- i do need the info on how you shipped :) Thanks a bunch.

  6. Hi guys, I have just discover your blog.
    I wish you high HCG levels and all the luck. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  7. Thanks for the support everyone. Super hopeful that something will stick SOON, this time or next...or the next...

    Mandy, I need your email address or if you want you can email me at to get the shipping information. There are a couple attachments and also an email I can forward. Unfortunately I couldn't your blog (if you have one).