Saturday, August 8, 2009

San Francisco - Cincinnati - London - Mumbai

Yes, my friends, that is the route Bill's genetic material traveled, frozen at -150 degrees, hand carried, en route to Mumbai.
Tracking history... Help
Date and timeStatusLocation Service Area
8/8/2009 11:54 amShipment delivered. Mumbai (bombay), India Why is this?
8:42 amWith delivery courier. Mumbai (bombay), India
7:22 amArrived at DHL facility. Mumbai (bombay), India
6:30 amDepart Facility Mumbai (bombay), India
6:30 amProcessed at DHL Location. Mumbai (bombay), India
5:37 amTransit through DHL facility Mumbai (bombay), India
2:36 amClearance processing complete Mumbai (bombay), India
8/7/2009 9:05 amDepart Facility London-heathrow, United Kingdom
5:17 amProcessed at DHL Location. London-heathrow, United Kingdom
12:12 amTransit through DHL facility London-heathrow, United Kingdom
8/6/2009 7:50 amDepart Facility Cincinnati Hub, OH
4:47 amProcessed at DHL Location. Cincinnati Hub, OH
2:48 amTransit through DHL facility Cincinnati Hub, OH
8/5/2009 7:59 pmDepart Facility San Francisco Gateway, CA
7:18 pmTransit through DHL facility San Francisco Gateway, CA
6:43 pmDepart Facility San Francisco, CA
5:49 pmProcessed at DHL Location. San Francisco, CA
5:35 pmDeparting origin. San Francisco, CA
4:41 pmShipment picked up San Francisco, CA
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Shipment information
S F, CA 94133
United States
Mumbai (bombay), India
Ship date: 8/5/2009
Pieces: 1
Total weight: 30.0 lbs Note on weight
Service: International ExpressMore info
Shipment delivered.
Delivered on: 8/8/2009 11:54 am
Delivered to:
Signed for by: RAMONAWhat is this?
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I got a little nervous when I was tracking it (yes I was tracking it, I'm a freak), wondering if it would stop in every city between California and India, only to be left for pick up by some rickshaw driver on the curb at the airport in Mumbai. But hey, I've got no complaints. It made it safely, that's all that counts. And I am going to smother Ramona, the woman that signed for this precious shipment, with hugs and kisses when I see her at Rotunda in September. We're halfway there!!!! (well, kind of).


  1. Just found your blog through Mike and Mike's Blog! Welcome to the wacky world of surrogacy in India and best of luck to you guys!

    We are expecting our little one in November (our surrogate in India is 26 weks pregnant).

    I look forward to reading your blog and keeping up with your journey.

    All the best,

    Jackie...Dubai, UAE

  2. Hi Jackie, thanks so much for your nice comment and that is so exciting about your little one due in November. I am so READY to be at that point of pregnancy -- in due time, though. Which clinic did you use in India? All the best to you guys, too. If you want to email me direct you can at

    Best Regards,