Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Our little pirate and pumpkin finally enjoyed her first Halloween without 1) falling asleep or 2) not knowing what the heck was going on...

A very peaceful pirate. This one just makes my heart melt. So adorable.

Trying on her costume just to see if it fits...I am so lucky to have these two in my life

Walking around our neighborhood. Day of the Dead (Daddy) meets Pirates of the Caribbean (Cristina and Papa)

At preschool they made their own pumpkin costumes (Cristina seems very proud of hers).

Walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating

Our happy little pumpkin!

Hope everyone had a 

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  1. Cristina looks so sweet! You are all lucky to have each other, I am sure you know.
    Great photos!