Friday, January 4, 2013

Ma-Ma, Pa-Pa, Da-Da...OH MY!

Recently (along with some progress on the mobility front), Cristina has become increasingly verbal, from quiet to extremely LOUD. It seems she's sounding out words, from what we can tell anyway. And even further, it sounds like she's saying 


I know, I know...this is something that every same sex couple who are parents deals with eventually, but I had to scratch my head and say, "how are we going to explain this to our daughter one day?"...when we "think" she can understand the concept that she has two fathers (Daddy and Papa)...and that while she does have a biological mother, she is not her parent, as Bill and I are her parents. This is not anything new, but it's new to us. So hence, we are trying to figure things out. the spirit of sounding out words and especially ones that have parent/family references, Bill and I have started the practice of "announcing" the arrival of Daddy and Papa -- particularly when we enter the room and she sees us for the first time after a long spell away from her. For example, I come home from work after not seeing her since 7 am, and Bill will say, accompanied by lots of pointing and motioning towards me...

"Who's that, Cristina?? 
That's PA-PA, PA-PA, that is PA-PA!!" 

And vice versa when Bill will enter the room. I know, sounds silly...but we're trying to work it out on this end. Maybe we'll come up with something better soon. Suggestions welcome!

Funny sidebar that we think she's mostly remembering Chloe's name, as she seems to look right to Chloe when we say our dog's name. Oh, to have a dog's life! must be Chloe's undeniable cuteness, which isn't saying so much about us.

Anyway, tidbit of the day...lots of talking and lots of crawling! Life has once again changed. For the good!

Be well...


  1. We're called mom and dad for a reason - these are some of the first noises a baby makes, as I'm super sure you know. I don't think Miss C is going to get stuck on the mom-mom noise for too long as she'll be busy trying out other new sounds. If she does, grab her some Mum Mum crackers from the UK and everyone will think she's super advanced as she can name her food - lol!

  2. Oh thats funny!! Cailyn only just started recognizing me as momma and I have been DADDY for a very long time, along with Mark. Toban and Orion had the same words as you...Toban became momma!!
    Cristina is such a beautiful little character!! I love her updates!

  3. ha! love it..."Dog" was izzys first word (ages before mama) yes, there is something magical about pets!

  4. Oh my word. Your daughter is adorable : )

  5. Hi guys havent had chance to catch up on your blog until this evening, wow your little pricness has grown so much, what a little cutie! Fantastic banner picture x

  6. This all sounds good to me....everybody has their own name and so should Daddy and Papa....oh yeah....Chloe too. I pretty much think that by the time CL can put 1 and 1 together she'll be just fine with the 2 Dads in my House scenario....the world is a changing for the better!


  7. When my oldest daughter learned to say "da da" she would call every man she saw da da and put her hands up for him to pick her up; stranger or friend...didn't matter...i always ran into trouble at restraunts...for some reason, women don't like strange babies calling their date "da da" and reaching out to him!! So glad to see she's doing well!!