Saturday, December 22, 2012

Diaper Fascination...Splashing Around...

Cristina has officially figured out that she's wearing a diaper and the next step is that she will figure out how to take it off.  In a climate like Hawaii, where it's always fairly hot and humid, a t-shirt and a diaper is pretty much what she lives in most days...but we think a diaper cover is soon on the horizon. God forbid she takes it off while we aren't looking and well, poopy diapers explode.

Here's what tipped us off...

Enjoy the babbling, the smiles and the diaper discovery...

In other news...she loves her bath time and splashing around! Check it out:

Much love,


  1. I must show this to Duane! Scarlett has recently made the same exact discovery... only removing the diaper doesn't seem to stop the investigating:/ Duane is seriously disturbed by her sudden interest in body parts, ha! Wishing you all an incredible New Year!

    1. Oh Bernadette that is my biggest fear...maybe I'll need to start a support group with Duane. LOL. Happiest of New Years to you all. So happy some light has been shining on your family lately. Big hugs from Hawaii...DBCC

  2. Love the videos! Much happiness to you all!

  3. So gorgeous - curious Cristina hey?? A Merry Merry Christmas from us newbie parents in India. Christmas Eve we will have 6 new babies in our apartment with Ryan and Ruben and Zara and Aiden , Gachy and Fernando with Francisco from Argentina and our will be a wonderful evening celebrating with so many wonderful people we have. been fortunate to meet along the way.

  4. *hehehe* What a cutie :)))! Have a happy time...

  5. Splish Splash she was takin' a bath and maybe more than ever once the diapers start getting picked to pieces and flung all over the place....yowsers!

    Happy Hollerdays!