Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another terrible blogger added to the list...

That would be me.

I think once a month is the best I can do right now...though I may get some energy around the holidays but I'm not betting on it.

The latest and a huge photo dump:

1.  Cristina started rice cereal a few days ago. She loved it and gobbled it up...(well, kind of!)
I think she enjoyed eating the bib more than anything

Of course, a video documentation of the first semi-solid food.

2.  Last week we traveled to LA to visit some friends and I also had some work to do. So it was fun and exhausting, but great to see so many good friends and some family.
Landing in LA. Daddy showing Cristina the tarmac.

A nice visit with our friend, Pam

Our LA baby shower hosts and their daughter, Flynn, with Cristina.

A fun train ride in Griffith Park...and my attempt at a cute video (with stolen music!)

An attempt at a family photo...NOT!
Buddies -- Cristina and Flynn

A better attempt at a family photo

Got Pride? LOL

Cristina's first pumpkin patch at Mister Bones' Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood.

Smiles all the way around...

Godfather Todd and Cristina snuggling...

We met up with Jason and Adrian of Stalking the Stork...

...and finally met the beautiful Olivia and Clara!

Jason and Cristina

Group photo in the parking lot
(there were some hilarious stares from customers and employees, wondering what the dozen or so men were doing with four baby girls...we finally let them in on was a G.D.O. = Gay Dad Outing!)

My nephew Lucas, his son Ashton, and Cristina

Cristina and Asher

Ready to fly home (Cristina was great on the way to LA, not so great on the way home)

3.  We're doing a little construction, mostly a small guest space for our out-of-town friends (since their room turned in to Cristina's nursery!):

4.  I'm the luckiest guy in the world:

5.  Cristina came to work with me one day and it was a hoot. She tried to answer some emails but I stopped that quick enough!

6.  Chloe and Cristina are becoming Super Sisters...getting along extremely well...

7. I'm the luckiest guy in the world...

 8.  We walked to fight breast cancer in memory of my mother and sister (Cristina got her pink on!)...

Rigg brothers

9.  I'm the luckiest guy in the world... 

10.  We all went to church for the Blessing of the Animals and Chloe got a certificate of blessing!...

11.  I'm the luckiest guy in the world... 

12.  Cristina and I are still trying to make the same faces...

13.  She's starting to reach for things...albeit the wrong things!

14.  And did I say...
"I'm the luckiest darn guy in the world?"

Be well everyone.
-Bill, Doug, Cristina and Chloe


  1. Great photo dump, looks like you guys are having a great time! She is beyond cute!!

  2. She's getting so big so fast! Before you know it, she'll be bombing up and down the hallway with you both in hot pursuit. That's when it gets real fun...unless she streaking right before a dinner party and you're desperately trying to get her dressed...

    1. She's a big girl for sure and I'm betting all of the above will happen.

  3. Terrific photos!! Cristina has just grown so quickly and gets cuter in every picture. The photos of your home and gardens are just beautiful and the reno looks like it will be fantastic (might have to visit you guys one day :-)) Love from sunny Perth xx

    1. Love right back at ya. And come on down. Or up? :-)

  4. Love all the photos! This post was worth the wait!

    1. Thanks took forever to cull through all the ridiculous amount of photos taken over the last month. I'm sure we can all relate...hopefully the next post will be sooner. :-)

  5. Don't you think she's a little young to be introducing her to Saddle Ranch and the mechanical bull ride? ;)

    1. You have a very good eye! LOL. All the girls loved every minute of it!

  6. Wow how fast is she growing up! Love the pics. You guys look very happy which is so nice to see. It is totally understandable why you havent blogged recently.....take care mel

    1. She's growing leaps and bounds...every day something changes...which is awesome and scary...don't want to miss a thing. thanks for the nice comment.

  7. wow, its amazing how much she has grown since the last photo shoot. thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm so jealous you got to meet up with all those bloggers. I feel like if I ever meet any of my cyber friends I'll be al ittle star-struck. You're all like celebrities to me!

    1. Michael -- you are one of us! One day, one day...when I get to Chicago or you guys come to paradise :-)

  9. Awww, she is SO cute, such a doll. Love the cheeks and those legs..gotta love it. Chloe looks like a wonderful big sister, very loving, affectionate and protective. Just like a good big sister is supposed to be. :O)

    Oh, when Cristina was eating and she looked up at Daddy and gave him that goodness I bet he about melted. Pure love...children are true blessings...

    Really enjoy the look-a-like pictures...she looks just like you. My goodness.

    Many Blessings!

    1. thanks lynn! yes, children are true blessings. and we are consider ourselves so, so lucky! glad you enjoyed the photos...

  10. You definitely are!!! Sooo.... when is #2 coming guys???

    1. as you are, too Mike! #2?? Are you crazy? I'm an old man. You guys are going for it! congratulations! :-)

  11. i LOVE your update......and you are (one of) the luckiest guys in the world!!!

    1. Thank you! Extremely lucky...every one of us!

  12. HEY!!!!....GUESS WHAT?
    Love this photo dump and the videos are very special. I'm going back to re-read now!
    Sophie and Ron

  13. Ok I love all of Cristina's pictures but this one is my favourite!

    So special... looks like a picture right out of a magazine. Model baby!

    1. Thanks Toban...she's such a
      Sweetheart!! And we are all so so lucky!!