Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Little Tree Hugger Finds Her Voice

She sighs, and coos, and let's out cute little screams (who knew screams could be so enjoyable????).

In other news, she's tracking us a lot and likes to stare for several minutes at our ceiling fans...doesn't matter if they are running or not.  After a long gaze in to our eyes the edges of her mouth will turn up and she'll coyly smile...and sometimes she'll even blink once or twice (she's winking at us, of course).

Pooping volume has gone down but man, has the frequency gone up. We're flying through diapers like there's not tomorrow.

The newborn look has started to fade and out has come our little infant girl, Cristina.

Just this past weekend she showed off her "look, everyone....I can stand up while holding my daddy's hands!" at my brother's house.  It was quite unbelievable when she started this about 10 days ago. I don't know what is considered normal but this girl has some strong legs and neck and back on her. 

Yay for sturdy babies!

We're taking her around with us a lot, to the beach, to friends' houses, to restaurants, a walk through Waikiki...she's such a mobile little girl and we're loving it. So it's nice she's not slowing us down...too much!

Hatchback diaper change at the beach

Daddy and Cristina enjoying a day at our friends' beach house

The view from the deck...not bad!

Feeding on the fly at Kailua Beach

This video was too cute for me not to post. 

Tomorrow: 2 MONTHS OLD! 


  1. Isn’t it just amazing how often (and how much) someone so little can poop?! It’s craziness! I think it’s the occasional winks and baby smiles that get us through it. ;)

    The new header looks great!

    1. These babies are pooping machines! And thanks on the header, just got the photos taken a couple weeks ago and very happy with them!

  2. Such a beautiful family. It has been such a gift watching your sweet family come together. All the best.

    1. Thabk you! We are so happy we finally have our family...definitely worth the wait. Thanks for following along!