Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Latest Update

Well our baby ticker says we are 50 days away but our surrogate has been early with her previous two pregnancies so we are thinking it'll be pretty much the same situation, but who knows, right?  Life has a way of throwing us curve balls and surprises so we are prepared for anything.

It also dawned on me that we leave to head to the east coast to "sit and wait" for our little girl in less than a month!!!  We'll stop in California for a friend's birthday and then arrive in DC on May 1st. Due date is May 17th.  Can't believe that in less than two months we'll meet our daughter -- it's difficult to explain the emotions that are starting to well up inside of me.  I almost lost it when I was looking at my boss's video of her granddaughter at just two days old.  The vulnerability, the beauty, the amazingly fragile life that comes out of the womb is SO awesome, and I'm not sure what I'll do when that day comes.  One thing I do know is that there will be SO MUCH LOVE pouring out of our heart and souls for this little girl.  It's all just so amazing...

On the surrogate front, apparently she has been feeling the discomforts of being this pregnant (to say the least).  Our little one is very active, and is actually still in breach position (when apparently 80% of babies are flipped).  So "M" has been doing some stretching, will be visiting the chiropractor tomorrow, and we are thinking good thoughts that she will "head" in the right direction in the coming weeks.  No one wants a c-section!  So hopefully all will go as planned.  

We are also now at the point that "M" has appointments every two weeks, and next Thursday is her next visit.  I think she is going to request an U/S so we can see the positioning of the baby.  Again, fingers crossed this little girl cooperates!!!

And a HUGE congrats to Michael and Derek on the birth of their twin boys!!!  WOO HOO, let's hear it for the boys!!!

Be well, everyone...


  1. Turn little baby girl, turn! Excellent update. Hope she turns soon. xxx

  2. I hope she turns too!! Wow, can you believe that you have finally made it???? It has been a long hard road for you guys!

    ps..I have learned that c-sec babies tend to spit up WAY more than vaginal birth babies!

  3. It's all coming together now.
    You're in the homestretch. That could be a baseball term. I have no idea!

  4. So exciting! You guys are getting so close. Let the tears flow...I cried so easily leading up to the birth of our babies. It's such an exciting time!!

  5. WOW, time is flying by!! And May 17th is a great day, that's the day before my hubbys birthday!! He will request May 16th once I share this with him, LOL!! Can't wait for the big day, I keep checking all the "almost cooked" blogs to see if baby news is popping up, I think you guys are next EEEEE!!! :) :) :) :)

  6. Glad to hear things are going well! As all moms have the inability to resist sharing, I have to tell you my experience: I found out my last son was breach (total surprise)at a non stress test at 13 days post due date. I was planning a home birth and this was a major problem, as no homebirth midwives in my area "do" breach deliveries at home. End of the story is, I had an incredibly easy ECV in the hospital. Went home to have my baby 2 days later. Baby had previously turned with chiropractic, pelvic tilts & music, and moxabustion. It was too late to hope for those anymore, hence the EVC. If you're so inclined, you are welcome to read about the EVC experience here:

  7. You guys are getting super close! May is right around the corner! It's amazing how late babies can flip (when it feels like it would be physically impossible). I will be sending head down energy your way. Eeekkk! I"m getting very excited!

  8. 1. It is always good to be prepared for surprises. We have officially learned our lesson. 2. So sorry that we will be in Delhi when you will be in DC! Would have been delightful to meet up!

    1. I just got a chance to re-read the comments on this post and I am very sorry, too, that we won't see each other. Would have been wonderful to meet you guys. But we will be back at later dates as Bill has family and friends there.