Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update (well, kind of)

Just to let everyone know that we are still considering someone commented on our blog earlier, one thing surrogacy gives us IS options. So we are optimistic this will work out...just maybe not in the way we originally planned or the timetable we predicted! It reminds me of what someone else said when we announced we were trying to have a child...they said "whatever 'master plan' you have in your head, throw it out the window!"

You can say that about a journey...I feel like we are looking for the Holy Grail!

I hope everyone who is waiting for a result can remain calm and those that are pregnant that things are going well...also to those who are just starting this journey and are considering taking one of the many routes to parenthood, don't give up. Keep looking for that baby. It'll happen!

Take care all.


  1. Doug & Bill,
    surrogacy does give you options, but we all know the anguish of the negatives -It is heart breaking.
    Take time to review where you're at, be kind to each other and then, hopefully jump right back in. The thing to remember is that its not straight forward, some of us don't get pregnant easily; mother nature can be difficult, but we strive forward because as you say, the holy grail is worth it,
    CC x

  2. Our master plan went out the window long ago. It was hard to release though. Wishing you peace and hope and love through the next stages. You will eventually get there.


  3. I called my Dad seven years ago and told him to get ready to be a Grandad that we had begun "ttc"! He laughed with happiness; this was a sure thing, right? Well, it has been 7 long years and only two days ago did I send him our first, 4wk ultra-sound thanks to DE+Surrogate in India. We've STILL got a long way to go, but this is the very first BFP! In other words, just like you said, IT CAN HAPPEN! I hope that this gives you HOPE in what ever path you both take. Astrocat88 - Spain

  4. Indeed, surrogacy does give us as gay men options...As it does everyone.

    Good luck boys and keep us all posted on your progress.

  5. That's right..our plan was to have my partner and me each 1 baby, then it turn out that so far we go for 2 + 2....after the end of the first trimester...
    So, yes it'll happen one day for you too...

  6. keep walking that path, you will get there and it will all be worth it

  7. Hey guys, we're not giving up, even though sometimes it feels like the thing to do...don't you either. While we've never met, we're all connected on here in some way. Hope you're both well. Matt and Todd.