Tuesday, January 5, 2016

So here we are...over a year later.

Once again, where has the time gone?

I last posted Halloween 2014. Since then Cristina has sprouted into a loving and beautiful little kid. She's girly but still has a bit of tomboy, has a sense of humor (still laughs at Papa and Daddy's jokes and has a few of her own up her sleeve), and is learning how to be kind and say "please" and "thank you" (often prompted by Papa and Daddy, but we're getting there).

She's also become what I've read recently about what they are calling a "threenager". Oh Lord. Which means she is defiant and stubborn. She cute because she knows it may get her a cookie, has a temper like a hormonal 16-year-old, and is becoming the master of just how to steal her Papa and Daddy's hearts (which usually means a cookie).

I have to say, thought, that Christmas this year was magical and so much fun. She's at the perfect age for make-believe and pretend. And Santa Claus is an AWESOME negotiating tool. Are we terrible??? I think not. We are just like all of you...right???

Anyway, here's a little photo drop breakdown of the past year or so, not necessarily in chronological order.

Happy New Year to all of you! If I've lost you in this blog journey I'm sorry but life has flown by and, well, I'm exhausted...in the best way possible.

Big love to all of you and all the best in 2016...

Wisconsin, Winter 2014

Chicago, Winter 2014

Wisconsin Dairy Farm, Winter 2014

Vienna, Austria, August 2015

Vienna, Austria, August 2015

Daddy and Cristina at the Astronomical Clock in Prague

Most of the Gunkles in Prague, Czech Republic, August 2015

First School photo, Fall 2014

Halloween with her BFF, October 2015

First NYC Subway Ride, November 2015

Statue of Liberty November 2015

Carriage Ride in Central Park, November 2015

Lincoln Memorial, November 2015

Delivering Flowers to Grandma and Grandpa, Arlington National Cemetery, November 2015

With her AWESOME Gunkles Karel and Scott, Christmas 2015

Chloe and Cristina, Christmas 2015


  1. Merry Xmas, and what a great year you've all had! Christina continues to be oh so cute.

    1. Thanks my old blog friend! Happy New year!!!!

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